LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Interaction with energy of time)

life-on-new-earth-interaction-with-energy-of-timeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

In continuation of my previous message I would like to tell you more about your interaction with the energy of time.

As you already know, one’s being in the moment of “here and now” is directly connected with this energy which in this case loses its “linearity”.

Time simply gets lost in your own energy of estrangement from the third dimension world.

You and the energy of time move to quite a different energy space with different laws reigning, both in terms of energy and physics at that.

And now what will be at issue is the way the condition of timelessness influences your physical body.

Due to the fact that in this case time stops “flying” the way it happens in the third dimension world, there stop to “haste” the physiological processes in your body that are responsible for its aging.

Therefore, the more often you are in the condition of “here and now”, which equals to the stay in the Fifth dimension, the younger, healthier and stronger your physical body will be, for it will nourish on quite different energies this time.

While the new energies that have arrived on Earth are designed to help you transform not only your conscience but your physical body as well.

Yet, since conscience is primary, without third dimension conscience changes into that of the Fifth dimension’s one the new energies will not manage to transform human physical body into the light crystalline one though.

It can be done only by a person themselves who mindfully join this process.

Well, my dear, why can’t some of you make headway so far, in spite of the numerous practices on your conscience and physical body transformation you have already been given?

One of the main reasons is that your belief in yourself is not strong enough.

Many of you are used to relying on others: doctors, healers, espers, shamans, gurus and now, by inertia, on the Higher Powers and high vibration Divine energies that will make wonders and do your work for you.

Do believe me, my beloved, real wonders can be made only by you yourself.

Everything else is simply a “tool at hand” of a Creative Master that every person is.

Without your minute everyday work on the “taming” of your weaknesses you have acquired from incarnation to incarnation in the third dimension world the wonder of “caterpillar-into-butterfly” transformation will not happen.

You will not be able to fly up not having ultimately dropped the burden of the third dimensionality that drags you down.

So now, there are in progress the last trials for those whose Souls have chosen Ascension.

The new energies are trying to support – “equalize” you – help courageous rope-walkers to overcome the last part of the way and reach the destination not only being safe and sound but completely transformed in terms of energy and physical body as well.

“Be like children” and live in the moment of “here and now” are the very new life principles that you should stick to from now on.

It is them that will help you travel the last length of the road leading you to Ascension.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 25, 2020.

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