LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Relationships of humans with other civilizations representatives)

life-on-new-earth-relationships-of-humans-with-other-civilizations-representativesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to start talking about the way your relationships with other civilizations representatives will be like on the Earth of the Fifth dimension.

As a matter of fact, the liaison of earthlings with extraterrestrial civilizations has never ceased though people were not aware of it.

And it is explained by the fact that quite numerous representatives of both human-friendly and human-hostile civilizations embodied as humans and still more numerous are those who have embodied during recent decades when Earth and her best representatives have been living through the earthshaking period of Transition into a higher dimension.

Now the struggle of the Dark and the Light forces for this wonderful planet has reached its final stage.

But it takes place not only at the subtle level but also at the physical one.

Well, now I will give you some details on it.

In my series of messages on reptiloids I told you how their collective conscience work and that their main goal is to reduce human vibrations since in high vibrations they are simply unable to exist.

Yet, the influence as harmful is produced on people by the Orions embodied as humans.

Unlike reptiloids, they possess a more developed chakra system, while astral vision is accessible to many of them.

Yet, since they themselves cannot reach the Divine level of vibrations typical of humans, they try to implement this by means of people.

From the time immemorial they have been creating on Earth the system of attracting people into the mystical rituals system influencing people by means of hypnosis and various psychotropic preparations driving them into the altered state of mind.

Why do they do this?

First of all, because it is only due to artificial decrease of vibrations of a spiritually advanced person that they are able to penetrate into their channel and then control their conscience for their own benefit.

So, how do they benefit from this?

Generally speaking, the same way as reptiloids but unlike reptiloids they can move to a more advanced spiritual development level and the Orions most advanced in this respect are striving to gain the Divinity of humans.

Partially, this is what they are born as humans for. Many of them were shamans, magicians and wizards from incarnation to incarnation – that is those who can control human conscience by means of certain rituals and “potions”.

And of course, it is not accidental that shamans have become so popular that thousands of people turn to them trying to make spiritual progress being unaware that they are actually just energy donors for the Orions themselves.

Just as reptiloids, the Orions have caste division, with the high caste Orions embodied as humans being aware who they really are, where they come from and what their mission is.

While common Orions truly believe they are humans but under the influence of their collective conscience they unintentionally do everything possible to decrease human vibration frequency.

And like reptiloids they are programmed to choose spouses among pure human souls using them as more refined “food” sources but at the same time reducing their vibrations to the level they can reach themselves.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 21, 2020.

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