reptiloigs-and-clones-divide-and-ruleGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Please, take my today’s message very seriously, for it concerns the people who have already taken the road of the Ascension and whose Souls have arrived on Earth just for this.

Reptiloids are sure to know about current changes on the planet and they see that quite a large part of the awakened population get out of their control, moreover, they lead the way for the others.

When they realized that it is impossible to stop the process they decided to use the usual method – to head it.

And they have almost succeeded in this.

Reptiloids started to embed their protégés into existing structures and create new “spiritual” movements, organizations, esoteric groups, sites, portals and so on in order to lead people away from the true path.

Now I will enumerate the features for you to trust in identifying the movements supposed to lead to the Ascension that are headed by nobody else but reptiloids.

First. Establishing of groups, movements, societies, communities – in short, any mass organization.

This is one of the main attributes that duality world features.

Reptiloids are well aware that in order to keep human conscience submitted it is necessary to unite people in groups where it will be easy for them to trace the process and run it in their own way.

Second. Authoritarian organization’s head.

The reptiloid in head of the organization demands strict discipline of their “subordinates” as well as obeying all their orders and following all the instructions.

Third. Hierarchy approach.

Living according to a certain programme and sticking to a hierarchy approach they can’t imagine any other life styles.

That is why within their movements they set a strict hierarchy appointing heads of large and small subdivisions and demanding unconditional subjection of them.

Fourth. “Divide and rule” principle.

In the organizations established by them this main reptiloids’ principle gives rise to the lowest human emotions: envy, jealousy, offence, false pride and hurt pride, in other words, it creates the atmosphere with no place for spirituality which was supposedly the aim of setting such organizations.

Fifth. Personality cult.

The head of the movement turns into an idol for the rest of its members, their unconditional authority and the role model whose words are accepted as ultimate truth by the ordinary participants.

Reptiloids’ cunning and resourceful mind enable them to find out humans’ weak points and catch them on the raw.

Then carefully touching them either gently and softly or powerfully and fearfully they can achieve the total subordination from humans.

Sixth. Nationalism.

They openly declare the advantage of one nation over another, which results in separation and violates one of the main Laws of the Universe.

Seventh.  Double-facedness.

Depending on the situation and the person they deal with, their partner’s social or hierarchy status, to be exact, reptiloids’ behaviour changes.

Due to the fact that reptiloids took over the spiritual aspect of life they have managed to trap hundreds of thousands human souls who have already headed for the Ascension.

Using sweet words about spirituality and the idea of the movement’s participants’ being chosen as a cover for misleading humans into the good old duality, they crush freedom of will in the buds as people’s conscience is totally inferior to the movement’s head.

But the saddest thing is that reptiloids shield with my name and those of the Higher Powers’ of the Universe who they supposedly channel their messages from.

This is what they use as their trump card and tool for human conscience submission.

So, please, my dear ones, don’t leave the straight and narrow at the very last minute, don’t let anyone misdirect you from the true road leading to the Ascension!

Don’t rise to reptiloids’ flies!

Listen ONLY to your Soul that will never deceive you!

I bless you and deeply love you!

Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on December 23, 2018

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