The Future Changes


Greetings, our dear earthlings!

Today, I was instructed to give you the following message from the Galactic Federation of Light.

As you already know, the new countdown of time started from the end of October; when the Earth got prepared for the final energetic “jump” into the fifth-dimension, where she already exists in her subtle bodies.

We see that many of you are feeling these upcoming changes as if they are hanging in the air; and the anomalous natural phenomena, occurring more and more often, is the harbinger of such changes.

What you are going to live through in the future may seem frightening, dangerous, and even tragic from the human point of view; because all the foundations of your society will start to shutter, which means the familiar way of life will change.

The new reality will burst in so rapidly, that not all the people will be able to overcome the psychological barrier, separating the old from the new.

And you should be ready for the events, when many people will start to leave the Earth plane, propelled by the fear of such changes.

But the Souls of light, who were informed about what’s happening on Earth now, those who were preparing for the Shift with much effort and for a long time, will accept these changes with joy; because they understand that without changes it will be impossible to cross over the long-awaited border that separates the three-dimensional and the fifth-dimensional worlds.

How will these changes manifest on Earth?

FIRST, as a result of the changes of the continents, the borders between the countries will be destroyed; and there will be chaos and disarray for some time, because of the fear and panic of the people, who will be losing their homes and familiar ways of life.

It will continue until competent international organizations take situation under control and start systematic work for the resettlement of people from the territories that suffered from the natural cataclysms, to countries which are ready to accept and resettle them.

SECOND, a crushed financial system will be replaced with a new world order, which will be founded on the fair distribution of finances, and not on the greedy appropriation of the world’s wealth by a small group of bankers, who now control the entire bank assets of the world.

THIRD, political power in many countries of the world will undergo radical changes, and the new heads of states will be people with a new way of thinking, who realize that Earth has entered a new phase of its development.

FOURTH, a new massive redistribution of the natural resources will begin, based on the people’s needs, because all of you are citizens of your planet endowed with equal rights.

All of these will be possible because the level of vibrations of people will be rapidly increasing, otherwise they will be unable to survive on Earth that will be completely in the fifth dimension.

Such a beautiful time will really come, dear ones, and we want you to be ready for that.

We carefully observe all the events on Earth and will always be ready to offer you any help.

Ashtar Sheran spoke with you on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled by Marta on November 9, 2017


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