life-on-new-earth-cloningGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, we will move on to the third means of existence extension for the reptiloids who for these or those reasons are needed by their creators on Earth being embodied.

And we will talk about cloning.

As I have already said in my series of messages on reptiloids and clones, cloning was commercialized on Earth long ago, with the cloning technologies being provided to earthlings by extraterrestrial civilizations with membership in the Coalition of the Grey.

Yet, famous people’s cloning is used by high and mighty in cases of emergencies since clones require constant control over their conscience, otherwise, they will be easily recognized in spite of the fact that they are exact copies of their protypes.

Well, what are the cases when, for example, a president is cloned?

More often, when they get out of control of those who govern them, which though rarely still happens.

And if “puppeteers” consider their presence on Earth appropriate due to, for instance, their popularity with the nation they neutralize them physically and replace with a clone who starts governing the country according to their clear instructions now.

But more often it happens not to pure reptiloids, for it is easy to replace a soul for them having “programmed” it in compliance with a new physical medium but to humans or those possessing two souls.

Quite often there are created twin-clones of people or reptiloids embodies so that they participate in “crowd scenes” appearing in the places fraught with some danger for the “originals” or simply so as to make time for things more important for them.

Frequently, those for some reasons believed to be people-actors – celebrities’ doubles – are actually their clones.

The only problem that arises in cloning is impossibility of natural aging of the clone body, which is only typical of creatures possessing souls – be it the human or reptiloid soul.

Therefore, as long as the original “gets mature” – either living or passed away one – they create clones of the age corresponding to the standards of the third dimension world person.

But, as a rule, they still look much younger for their age, anyway, because they do not experience natural feelings and emotions.

It is quite easy to identify them due to their too ideal appearance.

Such clones are more like dolls alive lacking any slightest “flaws” typical of human bodies, with each of them having their own unique peculiarities.

As you see, my dear, reptiloids have both made their firm ground on your planet having overwhelmed its rightful inhabitants and learnt to extend their life taking advantage of human energy and spiritual potential.

And especially now, as Earth’s vibrations are swiftly increasing, their hatred to humans have reached its climax and in their powerless anger they are doing their best to humiliate humans to the utmost in the end and make their conscience totally submitted.

This is what you observe at every corner now.

This is what your final durability test is, and I believe you will pass it in a proper manner.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 10, 2020.

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