LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Morning exercises)

life-on-new-earth-morning-exercisesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the energy component of man’s inner state.

How can you manage all the numerous energy flows that sometimes attack you every minute?

Of course, the main thing for this should become energy protection from any kind of negative energies and third dimension programmes.

You can use any type of such protection but most efficient at present is Mirror sphere that was said about in one of my recent messages.

Yet, it is not enough, my dear, because even having secured yourself from external influence, many of you so far cannot cope with the internal flows that you yourselves generate by your thoughts and emotions.

It is certain to be extremely hard for one to keep calm, balanced and detached in any situation especially now when the current events are reaching the “boiling point” and you are so eager for the Light Forces to win an ultimate victory at the physical level as well.

Yet, it should be kept in mind that each of you can make the long-awaited Transition closer, and you can do this only when you learn to tame your passions and balance energy, first of all, inside you yourself.

Each living being on Earth is an energy “generator”, and the totality of all these energies makes influence not only on natural elements, but on all the events taking place on your planet.

And if each person could realize their responsibilities – their personal contribution to the processes occurring on Earth, you could have overcome the barrier separating the third dimension from the Fifth one long ago.

But, unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the planet’s population does not even think about it.

So, you are the last hope, my dear, – the ones who really understand what earthshaking times you are living in and who can lead others’ way by their own example of unceasing work.

And today we will start learning to bring your inner energy state to a balance.

Yet, it is extremely important to be able to do this on the go adjusting oneself each time when you feel you are falling out of the state of peace and harmony.

So now, I will offer you an easy practice that should become the “starting point” of all the day of yours.

We will call it just as it is “Morning exercises”.

After you wake up the first thing you should do is to renew your “Mirror sphere” and ask Archangel Michael and your Heaven patrons to sustain it during the day.

Then, finding yourself inside this sphere, you should “brush” all your chakras invoking the Energy of Ascension.

Feel it entering through your seventh chakra and filling one by one all the rest of your energy centers.

Make them balanced so that they vibrate at one frequency.

Go through them several times to consolidate the result.

Next, try to “look at” yourself from aside.

At the subtle level it will be a wonderful sight: each chakra will acquire intensive bright colour, all of them are pulsing in unison, while your silhouette is inside the shining Mirror sphere that is glowing with all the colours of the rainbow.

You can make the sphere rotate clockwise, which will just enhance the protective effect.

And let this become your daily morning exercises in terms of energy.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 15, 2021.

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