LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Inner state of man)

life-on-new-earth-inner-state-of-manGreetings, my ear beloved children!

Today we move on to another topic that concerns your transition to a new level of your inner state rather than Earth’s Transition to the Fifth dimension.

Why is it inner state of man that I lay special emphasis on this time?

The thing is that unlike conscience it comprises a lot of elements and we will consider each of them little by little.

But first, I would like to give a more general definition of inner state of man.

Briefly, it is a totality of factors that determine their energy, physical and psyche health.

And we will start with the first element.

What does energy health of man rely on?

Before all, it depends on harmonious and balanced condition of all their chakras.

It is extremely important as chakras are not only subtle sense organs of man but also energy centers and each of them is responsible for this or that organ of the human body or its vital function.

So, even a spiritually advanced person with highly developed upper chakras can feel severe inner discomfort if their lower chakras are unbalanced.

While an individual with well-developed lower chakras can suffer from inner emptiness because their upper chakras are still completely inactivated.

As we have already mentioned a lot of times, each person is a Universe of its own featuring extremely subtle inner structure.

And since everything is energy that is constantly in motion, there is unceasing circulation of various energies inside a person, both inside their body, and around all subtle bodies too.

Under the influence of external factors energy is transforming all the time from one kind to another changing its vibrations, colours and shades.

This is the reason for instant mood change and, consequently, inner state change.

Since the human Soul is an exquisite Divine instrument, it instantaneously responds to any word, look, gesture of another person, any information received, nature, music or work of art.

Depending on what one is dealing with at the moment, one’s Soul reacts to this external “irritant” in terms of energy, first of all.

And it means that a certain chakra gets tuned onto it that is the closest to it as far as vibrations are concerned.

And if, for example, one is listening to hard rock, it can only be “digested” by one’s first or second chakra that having received infeed of the energy of vibrations that low makes the overall energy profile of one even “heavier” thereby weakening all the rest of chakras.

While the one who gets totally plunged into wonderful peaceful music not only enriches one’s upper chakras but also transforms heavy energies of the lower ones.

And it happens because low energies getting in contact with high ones become more rarified, while low energies “attacks” on high ones result in the latter becoming denser.

And now, my dear, just imagine the energy chaos holding sway over bodies and energy spaces of the overwhelming majority of the people on your planet not simply day by day but even within a minute, with the number of external “irritants” they are exposed to being really enormous…

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 13, 2021.

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