REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Energy confrontation between countries)

reptiloids-and-clones-energy-confrontation-between-countriesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will speak about energy confrontation between different countries.

And, for a start, let’s see what lays the foundation of this confrontation.

Since any country has its own egregor it is possible to say that it is egregors that interact with each other.

The more ancient a country with its traditions and culture is, the stronger its egregor is and the richer and more versatile its egregor profile is.

Sometimes it happens that relatively young countries very quickly create egregors as strong though. It results from the fact that these countries’ heads artificially create national ideas, common moral “values” and initiate fanatic patriotism, which generates low vibration frequency emotions that are very powerful at the same time.

These countries’ citizens are forced into strict psychological limits and the majority of them, as a result, are at the same wavelength supplying their country’s egregor with severe blowouts of similar energy, which creates an illusion of energy power.

A vivid example is the United States of America – a country with hardly any history and culture of its own, but it managed to establish control almost all over the world imposing on other countries its moral “values” based on money and power.

So, how do different countries’ egregors interact?

As any country’s energy profile is determined by the citizens’ overall energy – its collective conscience, the vibration frequencies of different countries are different.

The basis for countries’ egregors interaction is one and the same principle as for human beings’ interaction.

The Law of the Universe “Like attracts like” shows itself here in the most apparent way.

Dense egregors filled with low vibration frequency energy interact with the egregors of the similar vibrations automatically supplying each other and multiplying evil on Earth.

As a rule, these countries’ leaders get on well with one another as they operate on the common for them notions and principles of the international policy.

If they contact a high vibration frequency egregor, which means facing alien energies they find themselves in the situation of rejection and misunderstanding.

And there are two options here: either a heavy dense aggressive egregor is not pulled by vibrations to a light airy spiritual egregor of another country or tries to take over it transforming its light energies into dark ones.

Unfortunately, the latter is more often to win since national “interests” of bellicose egregors countries require more and more new markets and raw material sources. They also try to assert themselves at the cost of other countries taking their territories under control and making attempts to impose their own “values” on the local population.

To achieve their goal reptiloids who are usually in head of such aggressive countries do not neglect anything: lies, hypocrisy, bribes, flattery, piecrust promise and giving lip service.

In terms of energy everything comes to “submitting” the locals to low vibration frequency energies – so dear and welcome for reptiloids.

In fact, everything on your planet functions according to one and the same scheme designed by reptiloids long ago: to impersonalize and enslave all the countries and nations for the sake of a high caste reptiloids cluster that seized power on Earth.

At the subtle level their egregor that has been creating by them for centuries looks like a monster that puffs up with the egregors they have managed to supply with the same energies and, consequently, to reduce to their level.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on April, 25, 2019

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