REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Karmic ties between humans and human reptiloids)

reptiloids-and-clones-karmic-ties-between-humans-and-human-reptiloidsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will continue speaking about karmic ties and study the rare cases of karmic “knots” between humans and human reptiloids.

As you already know from my previous message series on reptiloids such creatures possessing two souls are rather common on Earth.

Their permanent inner state resembles what is called double personality since the psychological and, consequently, energy inconstancy of half-humans – half-reptiloids results in their being unpredictable – that severe is the confrontation between a human and a reptiloid soul inside them.

So, a lot depends on who is by such creatures’ side.

There are pure and strong enough human souls who plan their incarnation on Earth for the sake of the souls who are entrapped in bodies like this.

Well, there can be karmic ties between them and strong long-term ones at that.

And the following thing accounts for that.

As one human soul neighboring a reptiloid soul in one body gets under another human soul’s guardianship the former becomes dependent on it and understands it can’t get rid of the unwelcome neighbour without its help.

Such souls often become partners in their incarnation and the energy interaction between them never stops.

As far as their children are concerned, it is essential that at the moment of conception as well as during all the pregnancy period it is the energy of Love that dominates – it is the only one capable to attract a valid human soul from the Heaven.

If it happens, the family energy profile will change to such an extent that it will be difficult for a reptiloid soul in a human reptiloid parent to survive in its high vibration frequency, so it will leave the physical body giving way to the human soul for good and all.

It also applies to the case with mother being a human reptiloid. Sincere, pure and unconditional Love of father can drive away the reptiloid part out of mother’s body and during the conception can attract a valid human Soul of their child.

This is why, my dear ones, I tell you that much about ENERGY that not only creates your reality but also decide fates of people, ties and unties karmic “knots” changing your own life scenario and those of your nearest and dearest ones’ in particular, as well as that of the whole planet’s in general.

Sometimes a human soul failed to help the dear soul incarnated in one body with a reptiloid comes to Earth over and over again in order to liberate it once and for all since the latter, as a rule, is born to the same conditions but having gained some experience it is becoming stronger and stronger with every single incarnation.

I have told you about this, my dear ones, so that you understand how complicated and versatile the world around you is and how much depends on each of you.

Not everybody on Earth is ready to understand and accept the information so unusual for people but anybody can generate Peace and Quit, Love and Harmony and these pure Divine energies will do the work that many of you are not ready to do consciously yet.

The greatest wisdom and the bravest Soul feat a human born on Earth is capable of is to live happily and jolly themselves and to share joy and happiness with anyone they come across accepting everybody the way they are, which means loving them UNCONDITIONALLY.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on April 24, 2019

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