WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Verbal armour)

window-on-new-world-verbal-armourGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, as a follow-up to my previous message, today we will talk about the way you should behave with vaccinated people the impact of gene modified preparations on whom has been increasingly showing up recently.

But, for a start, I would like to explain to you why I single them out into a separate group and what makes them different from the other low vibration creatures embodied as humans.

The reason is mainly that there actually occur enormous changes of inner order for them.

So, for example, reptiloids or Orions were born with the souls that are well connected with their collective consciences.

That is why they were living in accordance with certain programmes mostly unconsciously.

Their low vibrations result from their origin.

In other words, neither reptiloids, nor Orions or Alfa Centauri representatives embodied as humans a priori can ascend to the level of the sixth or seventh chakras.

The things are quite different for pure human souls whose vibrations even though they were not at the level of higher Divine chakras all the time, but it was quite possible for them to reach this level at some certain happy moments of their life.

And now, the alien gene of a low vibration creature that was introduced into their body prevents them from achieving the former level of vibrations, pressing them down to “earth” and completely thrusting their conscience into the material world of the third dimension.

A lot of vaccinated people have not realized that to a full extent yet because it seems to them that their life and they themselves remain the same.

But their Soul being aware of the tragedy of the situation is incredibly suffering.

As a result, a huge gap between the Soul and a new conscience of its physical medium leads to constant confrontation – inner conflict that automatically extends to the physical level as well.

It is demonstrated in different ways and most often by the aggression that is becoming more and more apparent in respect to those who have managed to preserve the inviolability of their Divine Soul, that is, to the unvaccinated.

This way the inner disorder of a vaccinated person turns into external actions of a negative character.

Well, how can you oppose this, my dear, especially if at issue are your family and friends?

Since now you cannot change their energy component, the only thing left for you to do is to cushion the blows designed for you.

In this case you cannot influence them in terms of energy filling such people with Divine energies.

They will be rejected and can even do harm to them.

Therefore, you are to respond to their attacks only verbally leading them away from the topics dangerous for you and changing the issue for something nice and interesting for them.

Such method is commonly known as “sweet-talk”.

And if you succeed in doing this, your shield will not be depleted from within by your irritation, disappointment, grudge with your close people.

Treat them as small children who do not realize what they do and who must be drawn away from the “games” dangerous to them and to you.

And in this case they are games of mind that has already moved from the Divine plane to the level of the mind of a low vibration creature of the third dimension.

This time, my dear, you are to put on not energy but verbal “armour” so as not to do harm either to them or yourselves.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 26, 2022.

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