LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Energy of Time touring round physical body)

life-on-new-earth-energy-of-time-touring-round-physical-bodyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on with the practice of correlation the Energy of Time with your physical body by means of its chakras – subtle sense organs.

Why do I suggest such a “long” way?

The thing is that human chakras, no matter what dimension they are in at the moment, ALWAYS vibrate at a higher frequency than their physical body.

And in this particular practice they are some kind of a connector or adaptor connecting the Energy of Time with your physical body.

While your conscience is a subtle material thing capable of interacting with the Energy of Time directly, your physical body being a dense material thing cannot take in this energy directly because of a huge vibration gap.

So as to avoid mistakes while doing this practice, I will give you now a brief description of human chakras correspondence to physical organs.

The first chakra correlates with the skeleton and everything connected with it – connective tissues and cartilages and, first of all, with the spine.

The second chakra is responsible for reproductive organs of man, as well as for endocrine glands.

The third chakra is responsible for the digestive system and for everything connected with it: intestines, stomach and liver.

The fourth chakra controls the circulatory system and the organs connected with it.

The fifth chakra correlates with the respiratory system of man – their lungs and nasopharynx.

The sixth chakra is responsible for your intellectual abilities and regulates the work of your brain, as well as that of your sight and hearing.

The seventh chakra connects your with the Creator granting inspiration and enlightenment and corresponds to your pineal gland.

So, now when you have a clear idea how your subtle sense organs correspond to physical ones, you can carry on with the practice of uniting them with the Energy of Time.

Let us see to it as illustrated by the example of the fourth chakra.

Bring to memory the image of the time substance and feel what chakra it resonates with most of all.

If it is not the fourth chakra but another one, then gradually “lower” or “raise” this combined energy to your fourth chakra.

Feel it accepting it…

And then ask the Energy of Time that merged with your own energy to feel all the circulatory system of your body.

Feel it running all over your body purifying your blood from the third dimension linear time programmes and granting immortality to it…

Feel your fourth chakra also joining in and distributing this wonderful energy all over your body – all through your circulatory system – the energy initiating conversion of your personal time parameters…

Step by step do this practice with all chakras of yours.

Even if you do not feel anything, the power of your intension will work by all means, and you will trigger the processes of your body rejuvenation.

In the ideal state the Energy of Time can be equally responded to by all your chakras.

But, as a rule, it happens only when one has completely moved to the space of the Fifth dimension and is its resident not a guest.

Do this practice taking your time, my dear, calmly and thoughtfully.

Do not expect an immediate result: human physical body is not as “movable” and needs patience and laborious work at it.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 23, 2021.

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