LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Pace of Time)

life-on-new-earth-pace-of-timeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So that you feel the Energy of Time better, today I will offer you one more practice consolidating the results of the two previous ones: “Time conversion” and “New Divine body”.

We will act on the premise that you have already learnt to enter the flow one with the Energy of Time by your subtle sense organs – your chakras.

The new practice will be called “Pace of Time” and this is what it is.

Imagine the Energy of Time as a runner for long distances with the only difference being that their distance has no start and no finish.

This runner is an “eternal” marathoner who is running with no haste or any specific purpose at a moderate pace.

Running is their natural condition that brings them joy, soothing and no tiredness at all.

And now try to associate yourself with this runner: get into their rhythm – quiet and even.

This practice does not require a meditative state – on the contrary, it is quite handy, for everyday use and it is aimed at teaching you to live at the pace comfortable for you.

For a start, you can try to live at least one day keeping up with this “runner” not legging behind or outrunning them just doing all the things with no haste or fuss – in a harmonious and balanced way.

If you suddenly get the feeling you are starting to rush, apply your inner “breaks”, reduce the pace and go on running with your ideal companion symbolizing the Energy of Time.

While if some minor issues have distracted your attention and you have “strayed from the course”, imagine you are getting back to the “running track” of the Energy of Time and continue running side by side with our “marathoner”.

This practice seems simple at first sight but it is actually very hard to constantly keep this image in mind since most often people live thoughtlessly and act on impulse.

But if you get used to this “fellow traveller”, like each other or even become close, your life will change to a considerable degree.

You will get rid of haste and at the same time will learn to manage time.

You will reach the necessary time balance that will enable you to live at a pace ideal for you and, consequently, to acquire peace of mind, which is what you need so much now.

Moreover, this practice will advance your visualization skills that will be really useful for you on the Earth of the Fifth dimension where you will be creating your reality by power of thought.

Well, for this reality to get “embodied in flesh”, you should learn to imagine the things you are going to make true as clear and vividly as possible.

Therefore, do not neglect this simple practice, my dear, – make your life harmonious and learn to be creative.

You can turn this practice into an exciting game introducing your own elements to it but preserving its gist: leisurely, even and harmonious flow of Time the energy of which you are getting tuned onto to.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 24, 2021.

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