Passing year’s outcomes

passing-years-outcomesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to digress from our topic and sum up the year of 2019 in some way.

It has become truly crucial for many and many inhabitants of your planet since in terms of energy it has separated them into those who potentially can resonate with the new vibrations of Earth and perform Transition alongside with it into the Fifth dimension and those who will not be able to do this under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, the former are much less numerous.

And the reason for this is that with every single century there were less and less pure human souls left on Earth.

Reptiloids have done their best to “shuffle” the human race with other life forms on Earth.

Since their major goal was to enslave human conscience, they not just took over almost all authorities on Earth but also tried to implant their representatives nearly in every family to exercise control over all pure human souls.

And they have been perfectly successful in this.

Taking advantage of inborn kindness, generosity and sympathy of humans they both fed on their energy and drove them into total submission making use of created by them laws and regulations, rituals and traditions forcing human conscience into the strict limits of generally accepted standards of existence, which deprived them of their inner freedom.

Being not free in their actions themselves, they made people to live according to their programmes as well, which eventually led to the overwhelming majority of the population turning into a dull faceless crowd existing by artificially designed patterns.

Thus, mentality, behaviour and lifestyle stereotypes imposed on people got human conscience “entrapped”, which was skillfully facilitated by reptiloids at every stage of human life starting from childhood.

And it is only nowadays when ancient souls start reviving, for people get the true knowledge about themselves and the entire planet revealed.

This is, no doubt, also encouraged by the new high vibration energies arriving on Earth now.

But these energies can be resonated with only by human souls possessing the Divine chakra system.

For example, reptiloids and clones will not be able to overcome the necessary vibration barrier to perform Transition with the best will in the world simply because of the fact they do not possess subtle sense organs corresponding to these energies.

As far as other planets’ representatives incarnated in human bodies are concerned, to move to the Fifth dimension with Earth will be able only those of them whose subtle material system will be able to withstand energies of that high vibration frequencies.

Unfortunately, many young human souls absorbed in the third dimension world “games” will not have enough time to pull their conscience up to the level enabling them to move to the new Earth.

They will have to remain beyond the veil, but this will be the choice of their own – their path of Soul development.

You should be ready to accept this, my dear ones. And I know that for many of you this is exactly what a major obstacle is on your way to Transition.

You suppose it to be a betrayal towards your nearest and dearest to move to a new energy space without them.

Yet, believe me, my dear ones, these family binds on Earth will be treated by you in quite a different way from above the Fifth dimension.

The energy stratification that will part you will be salutary for their souls since from the height you will get you will be able to interact with them at a different level now being some kind of Safeguard Angels for them.

Always keep in mind that you should not go down to the level of your family for the sake of momentary feelings, but they should go up to yours even if it will happen in their next incarnation.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 19, 2019

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