flying-soulGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to offer you a universe meditation that you can use during all the period of entry into a new reality.

Let us call it “Flying Soul”.

The name itself suggests the essence of the meditation.

Your Soul is coming back to its usual world – the one where it always found itself between its embodiments in the worlds of low vibrations.

It is the subtle level where it would have a rest from heavy energies surrounding it in the dense worlds where it was learning hard lessons of life and gaining new experience it had never had yet.

And the time has come now for pure ancient souls to “have long holidays” basking in native Divine energies in the unipolar world, with the energies of Unity and Unconditional Love reigning.

A large number of human souls have already traveled a long road of evolution.

They have gained invaluable experience and now it is time to reap the fruits of their efforts.

So now you have to help your Soul make the last spurt so as to come out of the third dimension world and finding oneself in a new energy space of high vibrations take root there forever this time.

This is what the aim of the meditation I am going to offer you now is, the one that can turn out really efficient if you do it as often as possible.

Well, invoke the Energy of Ascension, as well as all your Spiritual patrons, Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters, your Galaxy brothers, your Star Family and ask them to assist you during this meditation.

Then ask your Maternal Soul to help its native particle that has covered one more stage of evolution ascend to another stage of its development.

Perceive with every single cell of your being it responding your call wrapping you all over with its motherly love – unlimited and unconditional one.

And as soon as you get into this wonderful loving space of mother’s “bosom”, you will feel your Soul flying.

It will seem to you it is leaving your body jolly soaring up to the Heavens.

Yet, this time it is leaving not alone but taking its invaluable Divine “vessel” along with it, that is human body it is embodied in now during this crucial period for its existence.

Feel, my dear, your body the “vessel” being filled with the Energy of Ascension and becoming as light, weightless and airy as your Soul…

It is rushing after your Soul happily leaving the third dimension world with its heavy dense negative energies that have caused it so much pain and sorrow.

It is throwing off itself these energies alien to it as if cleansing all the dirt stuck to it and becomes transparent, pure and sparkling Divine vessel just the way Creator originally created the Human body…

Feel your body fly following your Soul…

Feel them getting merged into one in the space of the Fifth dimension so as to live and create in the world of high vibrations…

Recover from the meditation only when this merging has become full and physically perceived…

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 21, 2020.

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