LIFE ON NEW EARTH (True meaning of Love)

life-on-new-earth-true-meaning-of-loveGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on speaking about the power of words and the energy they can convey.

We will start with the word “Love” that in the third dimension world has been worn out and distorted to the extent that its frequent mentioning began to rouse just annoyance and suspicion in people.

And of course, it is not by chance it is this word that was exposed to the most powerful energy transformation.

It has been done by the same creatures who managed to turn Human God’s conscience, with the energy of Unconditional Love as its basis, into the dual world human conscience that this time was very much alike the conscience of reptiloids themselves.

Why were they so afraid of the energy of Love?

The only reason is that one living in Love becomes independent on them: it is impossible to control or intimidate one but the main thing is that they cannot nourish on the energy one generates even possessing all the riches of the world: they simply cannot resonate with it in terms of vibrations.

Therefore, they did their best to distort the very notion of Love.

Whatever they meant by this word, from gratitude, thankfulness and respect to lusts, power and control, they added a great amount of shades and nuances to it except the main one that was initially ingrained into it – Unlimited and Unconditional Love to any living being on Earth and in the Universe in general.

Thus, little by little, they deprived humans of the spiritual principle they relied on in all the aspects of their life and started to use it in vain often conveying quite the opposite meaning.

It gradually turned into a habit and the dirtiest work began to be concealed behind this word.

Politicians paid the lip service to love to their nation robbing it at the same time.

Getting disguised by the Love to God priests led their congregation totally submitting their conscience.

Arranging the life of their children at their discretion parents also made excuse of their actions referring to love to them.

And we can go on with this list endlessly.

So, the word “love” has turned into a tool of suppression of individuality in all its manifestations and has become the cover for all dirty business on Earth.

As you see, my dear, the same happens now, too – at this critical moment of life of whole humanity.

Wolves in a sheep’s clothing ruling the world by means of authorities and mass media in their grip are trying to persuade people that quarantine is a great good and everything happening on Earth now is done exceptionally out of love to humanity and care for it.

But many of you are already aware of the price of their “love” and understand the underlying reason of their actions.

Thus, it is time to rehabilitate the wonderful Divine notion of Love.

For this you do not have to pronounce this word as often as possible.

You should do this only when you feel it is appropriate and is filled with the very energy it worth – Divine one, of the highest vibrations in the Universe.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 1, 2020.

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