LIFE ON NEW EARTH (True meaning of Gratitude)

life-on-new-earth-true-meaning-of-gratitudeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will continue talking about how gradually there were distorted the meaning and energy profile of the words most important for people.

This time we will talk about Gratitude.

In its original Divine meaning it was like Love and Belief that everything in the Universe is united, balanced and interconnected, that Earth and people inhabiting her live in Love and Gratitude to each other.

And this feeling was as natural for humans as life itself.

They were grateful for every single day, every dawn and sunset, beauty of nature, fertile soil, wonderful fruit she gave them, for enjoyment of communication with people based on Love and Respect to one another.

In those early days humans always lived in the energies of Love and Gratitude.

But as they were descending to the third dimension world, the notion of Gratitude acquired quite a different shade and was led the practical direction this time.

The foundation of it was laid by duality that now showed itself in everything.

And it was done deliberately by those who tried to take control over human will taking advantage of human inborn ability of being thankful.

Thus, humans were gradually trained to be thankful to their “benefactors” for any trifles granted meaning by this notion an absolutely different thing – dependence on their patrons’ will.

Social stratification has resulted in the world’s dividing into those who give and those who take.

It concerned everything: politics, religion, family relations.

Thereby, the notion of Gratitude was distorted the same way as the notion of Love.

Out of false feeling of gratitude people’s destinies were ruined since people truly believed they should “work off” the “benefactions” done for them.

It made the basis of unequal marriages, family tyranny and slave labour.

The reptiloids who seized power on Earth skillfully and artfully speculated pure and sincere human feeling of Gratitude that used to be native and dear for humans, with its echo having been preserved up till now.

Sometimes even being unaware of it one was thankful for the evil done to one, for one’s unfreedom and the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table.

The word combination “Thank you” has lost its sacred sense and, consequently, its Divine energy component having turned from the unipolar notion of Gratitude for everything in existence into the gratitude of people to their masters for the artificial values and life standards absolutely untypical of their Soul that were imposed on them.

And even Gratitude to God has become an object of “buying-and-selling” that people got so used to, while religion itself has turned into an institution of power over people.

So now, my dear, each time you are thankful for something I would like you to try to identify what energies your word of gratitude conveys and what there is behind it.

Little by little you will learn not to utter it in vain – mindlessly not referring to its original Divine meaning.

Pure Gratitude always originates in your heart, the bottom of your Soul and it is based on Unlimited and Unconditional Love that pours out over the whole world and everything around you – over life itself that was granted to you on this planet.

Try pronouncing this word meaning just this and you will realize huge difference.

You will feel a powerful flow of this Divine energy that will fill your whole being and everything around you with unspeakable bliss, happiness and joy.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 2, 2020.

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