love-but-let-goGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my yesterday’s message today I would like to focus on one more aspect of the current situation that affects your spiritual condition.

Unfortunately, at present there is collapsing not only the world system that does not correspond to the new vibrations of Earth but human relationships as well – between spouses, friends and colleagues.

And it is vibration gap between nearest and dearest that is to blame.

While everybody used to be approximately at one and the same energy level and, consequently, were thinking and perceiving the world around in the same way, now the situation has dramatically changed.

Some people have made swift progress in their spiritual development and everything that used to be usual and acceptable for them now rouses rejection and disapproval since they see the things “behind the scenes” of this illusive reality – all the falsity and hypocrisy of authorities, as well as their real aims and goals.

While others still remain under the third dimension world illusions dutifully following all the instructions and taking the current situation as inevitability.

Right now the invisible border separating the third dimension world and the worlds of the fourth and Fifth dimensions is running through human destinies and hearts “cutting the cords that bind” and hurting equally badly both those who chose Transition and those who preferred not to change anything in their life.

Misunderstandings between close people and family members always tend to be very painful but now it is not just temporary disagreements that from time to time arise in families and between friends but CHOICE OF DESTINY that everyone has to make this or that way on their own.

I know, my dear, how anxious you are about your close people to follow you, yet, we have already spoken a lot about impossibility of changing human conscience by force or “pulling along with you those who have just started primary school right into high school”.

It is the Law of the Free Will violation and it is likely not only to fail to cause the desired effect but will also influence you yourself in a deplorable way.

And the reason is as follows.

Trying to impose on one the things one is not ready for yet you unintentionally provoke aggression that intrudes into your energy field thereby decreasing your vibrations that are essential to be maintained now at the appropriate level.

And so as to help you avoid feeling ill at heart because of the disagreement between you and your family and friends, I would like to give you some advice today.

Try to look at them not from the point of view of an owner but with God’s eyes who you are a particle of.

And if you manage to do this, you will feel incredible overwhelming Love that excludes censure and takes everybody what they are at this particular stage of their development.

And if they are completely plunged into the third dimension world reality, it means that this is what their Soul has chosen – travel their own road gradually ascending up the spiritual ladder from incarnation to incarnation.

It is their path and their choice you should pay respect to and not to impose your world-view.

Bless them on this long road and walk your own way since your Soul has satiated with the third dimension world games and is eager to advance to a new stage of its existence.

And the fact that you happened to meet in this life and even to become relatives or friends does not change the essence of the matter, for you know it is this way that spiritual growth occurs: by uniting in a family or team absolutely different creatures and souls – young and mature – thereby enabling them to gain new invaluable experience.

The easiest and wisest thing for you to do now is to love and accept each person what they are not trying to change them, even if they are your parents, husband, wife, child or close friend.

Irrespective of age treat them as a God’s child and, consequently, your own child.

It is the only way you can cognize Human God in yourself not in theory this time but in practice.

And I bless you for this, my dear!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 30, 2021.

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