TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Pseudo spirituality in respect to animals)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-pseudo-spirituality-in-respect-to-animalsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on speaking about the interaction of collective consciences of humans and domestic animals.

Well, now I would like to dwell on the distortions that sometimes occur in relations of people with their pets, which undoubtedly influence collective conscience of both humans and animal of the corresponding species.

The third dimension world cruelty and difficulties in relations between people have resulted in the fact that many started to find relief and source of love in their pets, mostly, cats and dogs.

It sometimes takes the hypertrophied form when love to humans is overwhelmed and all affection and attention is paid to the adored dog or cat.

You can ask me: “What is wrong with that?”

It is actually not as innocuous as it seems at first sight.

In this case a pet becomes a means of rescue from the existing reality and, consequently, lead them away from life lessons so essential for them to learn: ability to build relations with their environment, to see themselves and people around as they are, make conclusions and observe the way the Laws of the Universe work.

In other words, it makes one astray from the straight and narrow substituting it by pseudo spirituality – hypertrophied love to animals and care of them.

Of course, it is much easier to love a faithful dumb creature totally dependent of you than a human with all the unexpected gamut of feelings and emotions and sometimes unseemly actions badly hurting you.

Yet, it is what you have come to Earth for – to get experience and learn to Love Unconditionally!

Therefore, in your attitude towards birds and beasts you should also find the golden mean allowing you to love them not to the detriment of the others – those who need your love as much as your four-legged friends do.

And it concerns not only your family members but all the people you come across on the way.

Yet, the most valuable is creative Love – the one that enriches collective conscience of both humans and animals.

To such Love there is applied affective support of animals in trouble and arousing of sympathy to them for the part of other people.

Some dedicate all their live arranging shelters for stray animals rescuing them from death and trying to find nice and kind people ready to offer refuge to them.

In this case interaction between a person and an animal occurs at quite a different wave – that of sympathy for the human’s side and gratitude for the animal’s side, which enriches their collective consciences with the Divine energies of the highest vibrations.

While any extremes in relations between humans and animals give rise to negative energies that decrease their collective consciences vibrations.

Besides, among such negative energies are not only aggression and cruelty from either side but all kinds of EXCESSIVE emotions.

It can be pathologic love to one’s pet to the detriment of other close people and for the animal’s side it can be whim and stubbornness untypical of its kind that is caused by inappropriate attitude of its master.

There should be a happy medium in everything and then any relations – both with humans and with animals – become really harmonious and, consequently, Divine ones.

Always remember about this, my dear!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 31, 2019.

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