WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Recovery through crisis)

window-on-new-world-recovery-through-crisisGreetings, my dear beloved children!

For my previous message to be continued today I would like to explain to you why the increasing global economic and food crisis on Earth can turn out not a catastrophe but an advantage for humanity.

To help you better understand the processes now in progress in the world, remember that the recovery of the human physical body always occurs through a crisis: aggravation of a disease’s symptoms, weakness, high or too low temperature and sometimes even through falling unconscious.

The same is going on in respect of social and economic processes.

To change them radically the destruction of the former system or its total restructuring is required.

But in this case for Earth to advance to a new level of her existence the destruction of the whole order that exists on your planet is required: political, economic, social and even psychological which includes deleting of well-established mental stereotypes.

Therefore, general chaos arranged on Earth by the agonizing Dark Forces who are trying to remain at the helm, as a result, has played into the hands of the Light Forces who by all the means available have been trying to awake humanity from the third dimension “dormancy” for a long time.

You see, this process has turned out to be slow and not too efficient because the conscience of the overwhelming majority of your planet’s population has plunged into duality too deeply, and without a great shock – the very crisis I mentioned above – people cannot “dive out” of the “lethargy” the third dimension submerged them into.

When one is full and content with everything, one is rarely capable of thinking about the destiny of the world and other people who are deprived of the comfort and safety one is lucky to live in.

Only common misfortune can make people of different nationalities and social strata really united.

And this is what is happening everywhere now.

Of course, even in stern conditions not everyone can behave up till the mark.

But at issue is rescue of pure and mature human souls – the very Divine seeds that have been mentioned a lot of times in the Higher Powers messages.

It is these people having realized all the greatness of the processes taking place on Earth and knowing about her Transition to the Fifth dimension who will get the right message conveyed by these tragic events and become leaders of the arrangement of a new society on a new Earth.

Now on your planet there is in progress by far the greatest stratification according to vibrations and conscience level: the one who has not lost will to life and ready to take Light in one’s Soul will not only “recover” but will also become immortal, while the one who will “burn down in the beams” of Light will leave the physical level to keep wandering in the worlds of the third dimension.

And I bless you, my dear, to “recover” – to overcome the upcoming crisis both in your Soul, your Divine body, and in terms of its external manifestations: social, political and economic.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 20, 2022.

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