LIFE ON NEW EARTH (New reality)

life-on-new-earth-new-realityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will move on to a new topic concerning this time the aspect of your existence possible only in the space of the Fifth dimension.

And what will be at issue is your reality perception as a person who has completely moved to a new spiritual level of conscience and has ultimately got rid of duality.

We will start learning to exist in the unipolar space that is winning over more and more space on your planet.

And the first signs of it have already appeared at the physical level.

It is they that we are going to talk about.

Have you noticed, my dear, that many people got the feeling of being One Whole due to the fact that at present almost everybody irrespective of their social status has found themselves in equal condition – that of “captives” who have to stay in their homes being deprived of opportunity to get from life something more than life necessities?

Thus, physical separation of people has turned into their spiritual Unity, which was not foreseen at all by “script writers” of the great show called “Pandemics”.

A lot of people have realized how fragile and illusive the world they lived in was and how much dependent they were on invisible puppeteers who have now thrown off their masks and demonstrated their power over all the inhabitants of Earth.

This spiritual Unity will gradually bear fruit.

And first of all, it will be expressed in the fact that people will be more responsible while electing officials, the ones who their life will largely depend on.

Thanks to honest and brave people the truth is getting more and more widely spread on the Internet.

As a result, the Internet created by reptiloids for their own purposes has turned against them exposing its creators.

True information supported by irrefutable facts helps people to rid themselves of the last doubts in relation to those who rule the world and, consequently, decide the destinies of millions of people.

To a large extent it is promoted by new energies as well that slow but sure influence human conscience increasing its vibrations and, as a result, helping people look at the world with another eye.

It can be compared with a person who blindfolded was wandering around, with their “guide” being the Dark forces.

And all of a sudden “magic” Divine energies have dissolved their “bandage” and they saw life in the raw.

They also saw those who were leading them to the abyss they were to fall into.

And this miracle salvation within a hair’s breadth of death has completely transformed their conscience.

They realized that not just they have recovered their “eyesight” but also have become inner free.

So now, it depends only on them how they will dispose of their freedom.

But be ready to the fact, my dear, that not everybody would like to change.

There will turn up those who enjoyed being “blind” and obedient, and these people would not like to part with their “bandage” even having seen Light.

In this case Divine energies will be powerless since even they are not allowed to violate the Free Will of a person.

You should be prepared to the fact that among these people there can be your friends and relatives, as well as your nearest and dearest ones.

Take their choice with understanding and keep on moving – the way chosen by your Soul.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 15, 2020.

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