LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Theatre of absurd)

life-on-new-earth-theatre-of-absurdGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we have come close to the issue of vital importance to you: how you can maintain energy balance and preserve harmony in your soul when everything happening around is reaching the point of absurdity now.

Shortly before, it seemed to many of you that the worst things are over but with every single day the situation gets from bad to worse and people are literally prevented from breathing or being the masters of their own destiny.

We have already talked a lot why this happens: the wounded beast has nothing to lose and it struggles for its life till the last breath.

This is how all low vibration civilizations’ representatives embodied as humans feel now even if they themselves are not aware of it and simply act according to their collective consciences programmes instilled in them.

As for the high rank Dragon reptiles and reptiloids at the helm, they are perfectly aware of the things actually taking place on Earth now and, therefore, act purposefully trying to do everything possible to keep her vibrations at the level that let them survive.

For this purpose they create the situations when people generate the low vibration energies of fear, despair, aggression, hopelessness and permanent irritation they need.

This is exactly the reason for another round of toughening of the measures on “public health protection” in many countries of the world.

And though it sounds like an undisguised mockery at people, a huge amount of low vibration creatures embodied as humans take everything as gospel thereby provoking pure human souls’ outbursts of negative energies who cannot put up with such a naked arbitrary rule of authorities and who are well aware of the underlying reason of what is going on.

As a result, society has divided into two unequal parts that can roughly be called “the revived” and “those in dormancy”.

As you see, my dear, “those in dormancy” have turned out to be much more numerous than you expected and it is impossible to “wake” them up now.

That is why leave them in the “anabiosis” of this third dimension matrix and go farther along the road of evolution with your wonderful planet.

Many of them are even impossible to wake up by the shocking disclosure of the world government’s crimes that in the nearest future will start widely to show.

They will keep on telling you that it is slander and conspiracy theorists’ fiction as their conscience is totally unprepared to accept anything beyond the programme of the third dimension life instilled into them.

At the present stage human society can be compared to creatures of a wide range of origin who are closed up in a fold.

So now, when the gates of the fold are open wide, they are headed for only by pure and light human souls, while all the rest prefer to remain in the habitual “prison” of the third dimension world sometimes unbearable though.

Try, my dear, to look at everything in a wise and impartial way – and with a touch of good humour not getting emotionally involved into this natural selection of souls according to vibrations.

Trust in the Fate and the Laws of the Universe whose performance features the speed never seen before.

Everyone “reaps as they have sown” and your interference into other people’s life can produce a negative effect on you yourself indeed because it automatically results in violation of these eternal and unshakeable Laws of the Universe.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 3, 2021.

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