purgatory-for-human-soulsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message I would like to explain to you why the revelry of the Dark Forces on Earth has reached its apogee now.

A conscious person cannot really understand how people manage to fail to see thus apparent and undisguised lie, falseness and hypocrisy in everything that is occurring now.

And what occurs on your planet now is DEMON DEBOUCH indeed.

Ponder over the words. They are the ones to show the genuine essence of the present-day reality.

Dark in all spheres of your life has emerged to the surface in an uncovered way now, while demons have overwhelmed minds of millions of people.

Until recently these demons were hiding in corners and if chanced to come out into the sunshine they got disguised behind the mask of respectability and said nice words about freedom, democracy, law observance and other “right” things.

And then all of a sudden all masks turned out to be thrown off and they had nothing left but anger, hatred and aggression towards people.

Everything has turned as apparent as ever and it has become clear that there is not a single spark of light left in those who find themselves at power in the so-called “developed” countries.

Demons of greed, control, false pride and contempt to common people at the same time with animal fear of their puppeteers have overwhelmed completely those who were delegated with authorities by these puppeteers.

Now watching politicians’ behaviour you can easily identify all the shadow government’s marionettes, as well as see that there are only few honest, decent and independent state leaders left on Earth.

But the trouble is that Demons of dark have come not alone but with a whole army of evil spirits – astral beings having a real feast of negative energies generated by people who got involved into the hellish whirl of common obscurantism.

This is what the end of the epoch that is passing away like – the most horrible and sinister that has taken away and is still taking away millions of human lives.

The duality typical of this epoch has also reached its apogee and has developed not only into a war between countries but into enmity and confrontation between Slavonic brothers – the people closest in terms of spirit and blood.

The conquerors of your planet have defied all the laws, both human and Universal ones, in an attempt to hold their ground on Earth that is “slipping from under their feet” into a new era – the high vibration space of the Fifth dimension.

In their furious powerlessness they are trying to pull along with themselves to nonexistence as many human souls as possible by means of compulsory “vaccination”, unleashed wars and the humanitarian disasters initiated by them.

But the gravest crime of Reptiloids and the Orions has become the strive for ruining Slavonic ethnos – the Divine code bearer and keeper of high spiritual values of humanity, for which they are awaited not simply by punishment but by complete annihilation.

And the fact that they were not allowed to commit this crime has driven them so furious that they are crushing everything on the way causing destruction and obscurantism in human souls and all over Earth.

Unfortunately, not everybody will be able to withstand the pressure of Evil thus hard but, my dear, this is exactly the crucial choice of every person: what direction they will follow at the junction of two epochs – turn toward Light or remain in dark.

Perhaps, the things now in progress on Earth can be compared to Purgatory, and those who will succeed in going through it will be able to move to the new Earth of the Fifth dimension in their beautiful, young and healthy physical body.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 4, 2022.

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