historic-missionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

My today’s message is addressed to those of you who still cannot put up with the idea that for the ultimate victory of the Light Forces on Earth a military operation had to be resorted to.

I know that some of you have cognitive dissonance since for so many years you have been called for energy work only and peaceful solution of any problems that you face in life.

But when the thing at issue is the rescue of Earth from alien invaders, and this is what the Dragon reptiles are who have been ruling your planet for millennia, sometimes the game has to be played according to their rules.

These creatures due to their origin cannot understand or feel what love and sympathy, good and charity, equality and brotherhood are.

They recognize only money and power and for the sake of this they are ready to commit any crimes.

It is impossible to negotiate with them since there is only one language for them, that of force, and everything else is regarded as weakness by them.

Remember your history: how many wars and revolutions they unleashed, how many millions of human lives ruined.

They feed on human energy of pain and suffering.

All the power and money are in these creatures’ grip.

Governments of almost all countries of the world are headed by their protégés.

All mainstream media are under their control, as well as all financial institutions.

They founded themselves or penetrated into all the international organizations.

They overwhelmed science, medicine, the whole pharmaceutical industry.

They call the tune in education and cultural life.

In a word, they control the whole world.

And the situation has become so aggravated that they have decided to get total control over health, life and conscience of people.

The things that they have managed to do just in two years is the evidence of them being advancing to their goal with seven-league strides.

And if they are not stopped right now, the consequences for people will be catastrophical.

And it has turned out impossible to make it only by peaceful means, so the fight with your enslavers has reached the final stage at the physical level now.

People have turned out to be unprepared for this, especially those for who comfort and conveniences are top priority in their life.

To leave comfort zone having left behind the usual quiet life is within depth of few indeed.

Fortunately, such people can still be found on Earth, and they are ready to give their lives for the sake of the planet’s liberation and rescue of other people.

And this is what is going on now in the conflict zone.

And those of you who can accept this situation not by mind but by heart listening to your intuition, not to the false propaganda of the media understand that there is in progress a military operation against globalists on the territory they have turned into their own private domain, testing area, the place for money laundering, with corruption having assumed unprecedented scale, as well as poverty of people.

Some people realize it quickly, while others still remain in ignorance, but there is no other way out this time.

The quantity of the negative energy in this country has reached a critical point and the activity of its government – the summit of degradation, which threatened the whole world now since everything on Earth is interconnected both physically and in terms of energy.

It was necessary to destroy this source of evil, and this great mission was assumed by Russia.

So far few understand that it is saving not only itself but the whole world but gradually the revived part of humanity will be able to understand and accept it with Love and Gratitude.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 1, 2022.

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