regain-lost-groundGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to show you a more extended picture of the global events.

Well, what is actually going on now?

Why there has started this mass hysteria and where do these flows of lie, hypocrisy and aggression come from that all the mainstream media are flooded with?

Firstly, protest actions against the restrictions connected with the false pandemic and against “vaccination passports” have begun to assume mass character.

This movement was initiated by the Convoy of Freedom in Canada, and then their baton was taken up by many other countries thereby triggering the chain of liberation movement all over your planet.

Secondly, the disclosure of criminal activity of globalists has begun by means of independent international tribunals.

Thirdly, it has turned impossible now to conceal the tragic consequences of the so-called “vaccination” and a growing number of deaths from these experiment injections.

So as to distract people’s attention from their criminal activity, the world government has decided to resort to their favourite tool – unleash war under a farfetched excuse and by somebody else’s hands.

Just what they did having arranged provocations in Ukraine.

As you see, my dear, their time-tested tactics worked out perfectly well: the attention of all the world community and common people all across the globe is now fixed not at the criminal activity of globalists but at the “war” between Ukraine and Russia that was actually provoked by globalists again.

Everything is repeated over and over again, but the overwhelming majority of Earth’ population just over and over again keeps believing in the things that are presented to them by the mainstream media in the form by far the most perverted, with all the facts having been juggled with and with criminals and corruptionists becoming heroes and actual heroes becoming aggressors.

And now let us have a look at this situation from the energy point of view.

I know that many of those reading this message now have already learnt to feel energies: their own, those of the space around you and the planet in general.

Therefore, you can trace how the energy profile of Earth has changed just in scope of a few days.

Only several days ago there were hovering the energies of Unity, Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood in the air that were generated by millions of people who supported Canadian Convoy of Freedom.

Their souls were singing with joy and anticipation of the Light Forces’ victory over the Dark Forces.

Well, what is happening now?

The whole planet is enveloped with the dark energies of fear, aggression, hatred, separation, lie and cynicism.

They like an octopus have embraced it with its feelers.

And this is exactly what globalists were striving for.

And people obediently danced to their tune.

Of course, it is understandable in case of those who find themselves in the epicenter of the military conflict and whose nearest and dearest die before their eyes.

Yet, it also concerns those who have a vague idea of where Ukraine is situated and, nevertheless, they generate the same energies being encouraged by official media and high-sounding statements of their governments and take for gospel everything they are said.

Few are trying to deep into the essence of the conflict and get at the truth that, as a matter of fact, is hiding in the open.

As a result, the energies of blame and aggression have flooded the whole world thereby having decreased as much as possible most people’s vibrations, as well as those of collective human conscience and the planet in general.

This is how the level of awareness of people has shown who again and again get into the “trap” skillfully arranged by globalists for unsuspecting citizens getting the “tribute” of the energies of lowest vibrations from them.

So now a huge responsibility rests on light and pure human souls capable of harmonizing the energy profile of Earth returning it to the former position it lost.

That is why, I ask you, my dear, please, as often as possible do meditations on purifying Earth from negative energies and fill it with high vibration energies of Love and Light.

Anchor the energy of Ascension at your long-suffering planet.

Help her overcome the last border line separating her from the Transition to the Fifth dimension.

I bless you for this and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 28, 2022.

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  1. Livia Ruttkay says:

    Ihr Lieben, diese umfassende Orientierung ist für uns enorm hilfreich und wichtig. Ich bin sehr dankbar!!!


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