russian-spiritGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to make a short analysis of what is going on in the so-called “developed” countries of the world.

At first sight, their authorities’ actions may seem absolutely absurd and lacking any sense since just before one’s eyes there occurs destruction of these countries’ economy and their citizens’ welfare.

As a matter of fact, it is just a tip of the iceberg.

The criminal collusion that these countries’ governments made having united against Russia that they are doing their best with all the means at hand to make out to be aggressors and absolute evil in the eyes of world community was initiated by the deep state that is strictly – on pain of death – supervising their orders’ execution.

Therefore, these countries’ heads were offered no choice: they are afraid of their masters much more than anger or discontent of their citizens.

They are perfectly aware of the fact that public protest actions can be stemmed, while the threat to their life for the part of the masters is quite real.

Well, what bad turn did Russia do to the shadow government that while fighting it the latter puts peaceful and prosperous life of millions of people all over the world at stake?

Actually, Russia and Russian people have always scared them with their rebelliousness and love of freedom.

Being unaware of it themselves, Slavonic nations’ representatives convey unique energy of love of freedom that can be corroded in them sometimes only at the cost of their life.

This is the reason why for recent decades the deep state’s representatives have done everything possible to oust from Russian inhabitants the very Russian spirit they hate that is fraught with mortal danger for them.

But when globalists and their henchmen almost believed in their victory having brought up in Russia a whole generation of people who absorbed the so-called “European values”, they suddenly realized that they still had not managed to corrode Russian spirit.

And the military conflict they provoked in Ukraine is by far the best to prove it.

Once forgotten by Russian people the feeling of Unity, Justice and Self-respect has revived like Phoenix from ashes displaying all its might.

The more hatred and aggression is showering everything concerning Russia for the part of the countries in globalists’ grip, the more united the Russian nation becomes and the faster its former greatness revives.

Globalists failed to intimidate or ruin Russia and having lost their senses in hatred they now urge their marionettes to take absurd and illegal actions to the detriment of their countries and nations.

But all this will soon come to an end and in a very regrettable way to globalists’ henchmen at that since the people who are used to living a comfortable and well-provided life will rebel against their governments demanding on coming back to normal life.

At the same time there will launch disclosure of the world government’s corrupt top, which will result in arrests of marionettes and numerous court examinations.

Therefore, Russia and its people directly and indirectly will facilitate deliverance of the world from centuries-long enslavement by the Dragon reptiles and Orions who seized your planet for the purpose of total mancipation of her population.

Foreseeing their collapse globalists are trying to revenge themselves on Russia the liberator for their defeat playing off whole countries and nations against it through the media still under their control.

Which you can see everywhere now.

Yet, it is really their last agony this time. That is why it looks so grotesque and absurd.

Quite soon the truth will shoot up, and no one will be able to stop the flow of this information denouncing criminals at the helm and all their inhumane deeds.

That is why, my dear, stay calm and wise.

Do not yield to provocations of the Dark Forces.

Fill yourselves and all the space around you with Divine energies thereby making the victory of the Light Forces closer.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 3, 2022.

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