like-fairy-tale-heroesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will digress a little from our topic and will talk about the current developments at the physical level.

The cornered representatives of the world government, their field employees, to be exact, are now desperately trying to bring till final victory the human enslavement plan they have been carefully contrived for years.

In some countries their attempts have really been a success.

And now we will try to find out why it has happened and, on the contrary, why in other countries their plans face reckless opposition for the side of their nations.

As a matter of fact, my dear, pure human souls always tell the truth from a lie by intuition and especially when it is their Soul – their Divine hypostasis – that is endangered.

And if to follow this principle, according to the reaction of this or that country’s population there can be made conclusions on its population elements in terms of living beings embodied as humans, as well as the amount of clones among them.

As you see, the least opposition to the absurd and inhumane demands of the authorities was shown by the inhabitants of China who have accepted the new conditions of their existence in an almost unmurmuring way.

It is just the location of huge laboratories for clone production who were evenly distributed all over the country.

It is mainly due to this that the economy of China has revived so quickly where whole armies of clones were created for certain types of activities, with their efficiency and endurance many times exceeding those of an average man.

The same thing, on a smaller scale though, occurs in some other Asian countries with a low level of culture and education, with national and religious traditions being based on submission to the customs and traditions established from above, both social, and religious ones.

As far as European countries and American continent countries are concerned, a lot here is determined by collective consciences of beings embodied as humans.

And they are numerous indeed, as you know.

As for people with two souls in whose physical bodies human souls exist side by side with souls of other races’ and civilizations’ representatives, everything is determined by the level of these people’s vibrations.

Since all the media are aimed at filling people with fear for their life, all these negative energies are responded to, first of all, by low vibration souls in the human body because it is these energies that are native and dear to them.

Therefore, human souls are stifled and as a result of mass psychosis and fear for one’s life most of such people also become obedient executors of all the authorities’ rules and instructions.

This is what was staked at by those who have arranged this bacchanalia on Earth: they are well informed about the actual “composition” of your planet’s population.

Yet, they did not take into consideration that the pure and ancient human souls in minority will be able to turn the tide, which is the case now in many countries of the world.

The pure energy of the human Soul has turned out so powerful that has managed to outweigh the energy of hundreds of thousands of weak and intimidated creatures, which came as an unpleasant surprise to the Dragon reptiles and Orions who came to believe in their omnipotence.

This is due to this energy that mass revival on Earth is taking place.

Like fairy tale heroes all across the globe there have risen pure human Souls who are ready to sacrifice their life but not their freedom.

They have rebelled against the “Dragons” eager to enslave them and will bring this fight till final victory.

I believe in you, my dear, and know that your efforts will be a success by all means since you are supported by all the Light Forces of the Universe, with your Galaxy brothers and sisters being among them.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 23, 2021.

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