WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (If such help is appropriate)

window-on-new-world-if-such-help-is-appropriateGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the way you can start communicating with your Galaxy brothers and sisters already now.

Of course, it is not accessible to each of you so far but only to those who have learnt to feel energies well and, consequently, identify the vibration level of their interlocutor.

If it is inacceptable for you so far, I would not recommend you to initiate a contact with the extraterrestrial civilizations since in this case your “interlocutors” are likely to be astral beings.

And now I will give you some warning recommendations in terms of communication with your invisible assistants – be it the representatives of the Forces of Light or extraterrestrial civilizations.

First. Your desire to communicate with somebody of such representatives being too strong can play a nasty trick on you since their names are likely to be assumed by astral beings – of upper level at best and of the lower one at worst.

You had better wait till someone of your Galaxy family initiates a contact with you themselves having felt your desire to get in touch with them.

If it is important for you or even necessary, they will come to you by all means.

Their presence can show by unusual sensations in your “Golden triangle” and, with rare exceptions, precisely at chakras and pineal gland, not around them.

Anyway, before establishing telepathic communication with a “stranger”, it is necessary to identify their level of vibrations and perceive your inner feelings keenly.

Someone of you Star family is sure to feel like communicating with you and then you will feel the native energies.

Yet, for this to happen, what is necessary is your intension to get in touch with your Star family, and there is a fine distinction here between a desire inspired by curiosity and a desire inspired by need.

It is curiosity that is often the main cause that results in astral beings getting attracted to the energy space of a person and they will “talk” with a potential energy donor for the asking.

They are especially keen on answering personal and household issues questions pleasing the pride of the person that “communicates” with the subtle world.

The higher worlds’ representatives and one’s Star families come to a person only when at issue is their inner need to get new spiritual knowledge and set the direction for further life way.

In other words, the first to volunteer “to beat the air” is the astral, while for profound spiritual talks and support of a person in making decisions crucial for them there come their Heavenly assistants – the representatives of the Forces of Light including their Star family.

Sometimes they come without an invitation – on their own initiative since each revived person is never alone: they are always closely watched by their Spiritual guides that lead their way and do their best to prevent them from getting astray from the straight and narrow.

Therefore, my dear, if you feel that you really need support from above, you can refer to the Forces of Light, yet, with one limitation: “If such help is appropriate for me”.

And do not expect that someone will get in touch with you immediately.

Let the situation go for everything to take place at the right moment and, which is the most important, without your excessive emotional involvement.

Feel the difference between the vibrations of such expressions as “passionate and anxious desire” and “wise and calm waiting”.

And always remember that similar attracts similar…

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 12, 2023.

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