Ascension in Action (Let’s hold each other’s hands, my friends)

ascension-in-action-lets-hold-each-others-hands-my-friendsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

In continuation of my yesterday’s message, I’d like to give you an expanded version of the practice “Magnet of Love,” so you could realize how great and multifaceted it is.

For that, let’s try to imagine a great number of people, who already possess a sufficient amount of the higher vibrational energy and are able to expand their subtle bodies to the great spaces around them.

Subtle bodies of such people, filled with the energies of Love, meet, touch, penetrate each other, and by doing that increase concentration of this Divine energy.

Gradually, it fills up your Earth and all those people, who are capable to absorb the energies of such high vibrations.

That’s exactly how an Ascension looks like, dear ones!

It is nothing else, but an energetic rebirth on Earth.

And if nature and all the elements of your Earth already stay in 5D, which they had never left, then only the people, whose vibrations had fallen to the 3D, are the ones in need of raising their vibrations to reach the level of Earth.

But what is happening with those people and all living beings, who stay in your energy field – in your space of Love?

They start to change on all levels: energetic, biochemical, and even physical.

Their consciousness, behavior, and health start changing.

And it happens in the most natural way. They themselves do not realize that they are changing.

They simply feel good in the vibrations, which some time ago have been their familiar vibrations.

Their deepest memories are opening up, forgotten feelings of unity with all that is come to the surface.

Their souls come out of the dungeon of duality, in which they had been locked during so many centuries.

They start feeling peaceful and content.

Their fears, which like rust have been destroying them, now leave their souls, which are exhausted by the struggle for survival.

They start feeling trust for the people and the world.

And you can do all that for the people, when “you take them under the wing” of the higher vibrations of your subtle bodies, becoming like an island of safety, filled with Goodness, Love and Warmth; which has been greatly missed by the souls of the people during their wondering from life to life through the alien 3D world.

And may this realization give you such a great power, fill you with such an Unlimited Love, such warmth of the Soul, that would be enough for all the inhabitants of your planet!

Always remember, dear ones, that the more Love you give, the more you receive instead.

You become the greatest, the enormous, the most powerful Magnet of Love, which flows to you in unlimited current, and when you filter it though yourself, you strengthen it by many times and then generously share it with those, whom you meet on your path.

Thus, your subtle bodies that gradually fill with this Divine energy, grow to such an unbelievable sizes, which are able to contain within it the cities, countries, continents and your entire Earth…

You are Gods, dear ones, and never forget about it!

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on March 20, 2018

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