WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Unintentional and intentional travel to Fifth dimension)

window-on-new-world-unintentional-and-intentional-travel-to-fifth-dimensionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message I will give you several tips on how to learn to move from the fourth dimension to the Fifth one for a longer time so that your conscience and your body get adapted to it more quickly.

You can move there unintentionally and intentionally.

Unintentionally it happens when you get somewhere nice being at the harmonious condition of “here and now”.

Then you simply fall out of the present-day reality gradually moving to the space of higher vibrations.

You start seeing everything in refracted way and it seems to you that the space around you is changing, with colours getting brighter and more saturated.

Sometimes you find yourselves in the Fifth dimension between dream and reality – at the moment when your subtle bodies “undock” the physical body going on a night tour around subtle worlds.

It occurs when you are tranquil and peaceful, that is, when your Mind calms down giving way to the Soul.

Some most sensitive people can fall out of the third dimension world sporadically when they do not expect it at the moment of spontaneous alteration of conscience.

And then they start seeing the space and people around in an unusual surrealistic manner.

It is accounted for by the fact that for some seconds they fall out of the third dimension world matrix and see everything from without – from a higher dimension.

Sometimes it can be not a sight to see since when dense and subtle worlds come into contact there also become visible astral beings living in the subtle bodies of people.

I have described the most common types of unintentional travel to a high vibration space to you.

As a matter of fact, they are many more, especially now when a lot of people in terms of their conscience and vibrations are at the very threshold of the Fifth dimension.

And now let us consider the cases of intentional travel to the world of high vibrations.

Of course, most often it happens during meditations, especially when you make a clear and well-defined intention to move to the Fifth dimension.

Yet, it is also extremely important in this case having made an intention to switch off one’s Mind and plunge into the condition of timelessness and thoughtlessness providing your Soul and Safeguard Angels with the chance to help you cross the invisible border line that separates the third dimension world from the worlds of higher vibrations.

Some people get there at once skipping the fourth dimension.

Others experience a gradual transition: their subtle bodies slowly “flow over” from one dimension to another.

It can be accompanied by a variety of sensations but, as a rule, they show up even at the physical level since in this process a significant role is played by the human etheric body that is getting pulled up to other more rarefied subtle bodies.

You can also “book” a trip to the Fifth dimension during sleep.

To do so, before you get to sleep ask your Safeguard Angels, Spiritual patrons and Archangel Michael to see you to the world of the Fifth dimension so as to get adapted to it by your conscience and all your bodies.

Do not become upset if you do not remember the dream when you are awake.

It is quite possible the feeling of lightness at Soul will still remain, which is the indication of your wish having come true.

But you can also ask the Light Forces to help you remember your night travel around the worlds of high dimensions.

Be persistent and creative, my dear.

Learn to create your reality making use of all opportunities, as well as the support of your Heavenly assistants and higher aspects of your Soul.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 1, 2022.

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