WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Love as Soul’s condition)

window-on-new-world-love-as-souls-conditionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to focus on one more aspect of energy attacks that now become apparent especially often in respect of those who take active part in the confrontation of Good and Evil.

So as to secure yourselves from them I suggest the following.

Every time before starting to meditate on a global scale do not forget to set at yourselves an energy shield of the Flame of Universe Love with mirror-like external surface.

It will make you invisible for the Forces of Dark at the subtle level and protect against energy attacks and, consequently, your meditation will run more efficiently and, the main thing, safe for you.

Now it is of great importance since the agony of the Forces of Dark on Earth is making them especially dangerous both at the subtle and physical level.

If after your meditation you still feel the influence of the negative character, by all means do a séance to purify your energy space with the Flame of Universe Love.

Do not neglect, my dear, such safety rules since “battles” at the subtle level are not inferior to the physical level battles in any respect and sometimes can be even more dangerous.

While human body wounds can be healed, invisible energy punctures can lead to serious consequences in terms of your health.

I see that many of you are not fully aware of it and in your desire “to save the world” forget about precaution measures.

Always remember that an energy shield for you is like “a buckler” for a warrior that protects them against enemies’ blows and you had better not step in a battle with bare hands.

And there is one more tip I would like to give you today.

Never go to battle against the Forces of Dark being embittered at heart and aggressive in soul.

Otherwise, your meditation will lose its efficiency, for such emotions feature very low vibrations.

While your main “armour” is Love.

And in this case it should be considered not as love to the Forces of Dark that your meditation is designed against but as your Soul’s condition.

Being in this condition one becomes unconquerable.

And this is the energy that is the most dangerous one for all the representatives of the Forces of Dark both at the physical and subtle level.

Therefore, never start your meditations until you reach the state of peace and quiet, Love and harmony.

The very condition like this will become your amulet against energy attacks since the Energy of Unconditional Love is omnipotent indeed.

I bless you, my dear, and love immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 10, 2023.

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