LIFE ON NEW EARTH (When Heaven comes down to Earth)

life-on-new-earth-when-heaven-comes-down-to-earthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to summarize my series of messages on the Light Forces.

It should be noted that their gradation or classification is rather relative since, as you already know, in the subtle worlds as well in the dense ones, everything is constantly moving.

Creatures of Light, just as you, learn their lessons, gain experience, grow and develop spiritually.

Many of those you call Saints can easily be classified as Ascended Masters and the other way round.

In other words, everybody who chose Service to humanity having left the earthly level can be referred to as the Light Forces.

But while the spiritual development of one who incarnated in the physical body is often accompanied by pain and sorrow, the spiritual development of Light creatures is somewhat different.

Since the high vibration worlds where they exist do not feature any negative energies or separation as it is, their spiritual progress is made due to mutual enrichment.

Each of the Light Forces’ representatives shares their experience with others, the one obtained both while embodied and disembodied thereby contributing to the Universe “database” of knowledge treasury.

They are in constant energy exchange as a result of which their own energy space becomes stronger and enriched with new energies.

And it happens because of the fact that any experience, any new knowledge conveys, first of all, energy.

Such Unity of the Light Forces – the totality of their energies – can be compared to human collective conscience.

Yet, unlike the latter, this Divine collective conscience of the Light Forces knowing no separation is some kind of symbiosis of all kinds of high vibration energies existing in the Universe.

It includes all the best they have managed to gain for their countless lives in the dense worlds, as well as between incarnations during their stay in the subtle worlds.

So now, having gathered together the golden “grains” of their individual experience they share this treasure with all the representatives of Light in Heaven and with you, my dear.

The generosity of their Soul knows no boundaries.

And since space and time limits as they are do not exist in the subtle worlds, these Light creatures can embrace with their conscience and energy millions of people being in contact with other representatives of the Light Forces at the same time.

This unceasing interaction and energy interpenetration allow Light creatures who chose the path of Service to humanity sometimes to replace and secure each other and move from one vibration level to another one depending on the current needs of an individual.

This is how they make their way of Service – sometimes tiring and twisting.

Screening all the events taking place on Earth at this crucial moment for her, they jointly develop tactics and plans of actions in some case changing them on the spot because at present the events on your planet develop swiftly.

Not only for you there has come moment “X” but for your Heaven patrons as well when the destiny of the whole humanity and the planet are being decided.

The struggle for your souls is in progress both on Earth and in Heaven, and while on Earth the odds are in favour of the Dark forces so far, at the subtle level the Light Forces have already gained a firm victory.

And quite soon you will be able to see its results.

But to consolidate this result anchoring it on Earth, as often as possible imagine your planet and all her inhabitants happy and free shining with Love and Gratitude to your invisible Heavenly assistants.

Become One whole with them!

Merge with them spiritually and in terms of energy!

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 26, 2020.

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