TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (New energies interaction with Earth)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-new-energies-interaction-with-earthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

And now we will consider the energies I told you about in my previous messages from a different perspective.

We will speak about the way they interact not with man but with your planet this time.

Since Earth is a living being, she has also got a subtle material structure.

She is also in the process of her evolution.

Yet, unlike a person who covers their way individually from incarnation to incarnation enriching their Soul with new experience gradually ascending higher and higher up the spiritual ladder, Earth is mostly dependent on the living beings inhabiting her.

Therefore, her course of evolution for convenience can be called “complex”.

And now I will explain to you how it happens in practice.

Earth just like man has the physical body and subtle ones.

But her subtle bodies differ from those of a person.

Earth’s chakra system is a little different and it is connected with the fact that her Soul has different tasks – more global in comparison with the soul embodied as a human being.

Earth has no lower chakras – from the first to the third – that help one survive in the third dimension world.

Yet, she has rather well developed upper chakras directly connected with Creator.

Thus, her Love to all her children – inhabitants of Earth – is Unconditional and Unlimited, indeed.

And it is expressed as natural beauty and all kinds of fruit of nature she gives them.

Her connection with Higher Worlds is in close interaction with accompanying celestial bodies – Sun and Moon, as well as with other cosmic objects.

While her interaction with Creator is in that she follows the way initially planned by him for her.

Therefore, if to compare her energy structure with human chakra system, it is possible to say she has her fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh chakra fully activated.

And since she, just like people, has her course of spiritual development, her “behaviour” is subject to changes.

But these changes are directly related to the life style of the living beings inhabiting her because all of them exist in her energy field and, consequently, contribute their bit to it.

Thus, at dawn of their existence when people were still Human Gods they were living in harmony with their beloved Mother Earth.

People adored her, admired her beauty, they were thankful for her generous gifts and treated her with great Love and care.

This way, they were at the same energy wave with her as Divine upper chakras of the people of those times were fully activated, just as those of Earth’s.

But as people were descending lower and lower into the third dimension world the energy discord between people and the planet they lived on began to increase more and more.

Upper human chakras were getting deactivated, while lower ones became activated and “leading” ones at that.

As for Earth, as a being of higher order, she maintained her Divine level in spite of anything.

She just suffered seeing spiritual lapse of her beloved children but she could not handle the situation.

All she could do is to give them hints by means of natural disasters, climate change, crop failure, and natural elements assisted her in this.

Yet, by this time people had already lost their connection with Mother Earth and had lost the skill to hear her, feel and understand her pain.

They got a false idea of being her masters, thereby having misinterpreted the very notion of their existence and interaction with Earth who had been their Home for hundreds and thousands of their incarnations on this beautiful planet.

And now, my dear, you can see with your own eyes the tragic consequences it has led to.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 16, 2020.

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