LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Alliance of Ashtar Sheran and Archangel Michael)

life-on-new-earth-alliance-of-ashtar-sheran-and-archangel-michaelGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So as to finish my story about the Archangel Michael, I would like to tell you about his cooperation with Ashtar Sheran.

This unique alliance has already brought results in purifying Earth and human collective conscience from the Dark Forces’ influence.

How does their interaction occur?

Since the Galaxy Light Federation’s members are not only representatives of highly developed civilizations but disembodied creatures who find themselves at very high levels of existence too, the programme for the support of Earth and humanity Transition to the Fifth dimension was worked out the way that peculiarities of all the members of the GLF are taken into consideration.

Each of them has their own clearly stated tasks and responsibilities.

One of the most prominent roles is played by the Archangel Michael who has membership in the Galaxy Light Federation.

So, what is his contribution to Earth’s Transition?

As it has already been mentioned in my previous messages, it is, first of all, in protection of people from the Dark Forces – both from Demons and their servants: astral beings of all the levels.

But sometimes he has to act as a defender of representatives of other extraterrestrial civilizations too since there is severe struggle for your planet in progress – both at the subtle level and at the physical one.

While the main fleet of the Greys has already left your planet, the field employees for the programmes initiated by them are still on Earth and, as you can see, successfully carry on with their work.

Therefore, for their actions’ neutralization the support of disembodied members of the GLF is really essential as they can make influence on the creatures embodied as humans.

This is exactly the subtle material work that the Archangel Michael and his Angel troops are assigned with.

And this is what it actually is.

By means of multistage energy influence on the executors of these programmes designed by the Dark Forces the vibrations of these creatures embodied as humans are getting higher, and it follows by their conscience changes and results in many of them taking the side of Light.

Having cutting-edge technologies at their disposal they will later be able to share them with the inhabitants of the new Earth.

And to prevent the representatives of the Dark Forces that are still exercising control of their conscience and life from making them any harm, their energy space is carefully protected by the Archangel Michael and his assistants.

At the subtle level there is in progress a vigorous fight for every revived person, especially if one possesses the knowledge that can benefit all the humanity.

Therefore, the responsibilities between Ashtar Sheran and the Archangel Michael are generally divided as follows.

Ashtar with his fleet controls the air space preventing the Greys’ spaceships from approaching your planet, while the Archangel Michael works in terms of energy dissolving low vibration energies that the Greys are trying to keep their inferiors on Earth in so as to maintain their power over them.

Right now the situation on Earth is unique indeed as the battle between Light and Dark at all the levels is participated by a huge variety of creatures – both embodied and disembodied.

And you, my dear, take an active part in this grandiose Divine project – Transition of the planet and her inhabitants to a new energy space.

Each meditation of yours, each séance, each impulse of the Energy of Love and Light cannot be overestimated and renders an invaluable contribution to the work of Light Forces that have chosen support of earthlings in Transition to the Fifth dimension as their mission.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 12, 2020.

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