TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Matrix of Ascension energy components)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-matrix-of-ascension-energy-componentsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will focus on what the Matrix of Ascension is, and it will allow you to get a clear idea totality of what energies will enable one to perform a Transition.

As you already know, the energy of the Fifth dimension is the energy of the Unconditional Love completely free from duality.

So now, still finding yourself in the third dimension world, you are to learn to live in the vibrations of this energy yourself and to keep your children within the range of its frequency.

What does the energy of the Unconditional Love include?

First of all, ultimately accepting all the people the way they are you should be aware that everybody has a right to choose their own path even if the path like this is inappropriate for you yourself.

In other words, NONJUDGEMENT is one of the main components of the Matrix of Ascension.

Secondly, the ability to be GRATEFUL.

Yet, the greatest degree of gratitude in its Divine aspect is expressed in that even the saddest and sometimes tragic events of your life are also worth being thankful for.

It is easy to thank for the good received, while the one who has learnt to be grateful for the evil being encountered will reach true spiritual maturity since one will be able to realize that life lessons like this are actually invaluable for one.

Remember the expression “Love your enemy as yourself”.

This is the one that reflects the essence of this highest standard gratitude – understanding that the person who hurt you is, as a matter of fact, just one of the characters of the intricate plot of your life scenario designed to help you learn the lessons planed by your Soul.

And it is quite possible that in your previous incarnation it was you who had to play the villain’s part in respect to that person.

Thirdly, LOVE TO ONESELF – awareness of being a Divine particle worth of respect and Love of the people around.

And this kind of Love has nothing to do with egoism or self-admiration.

It is based on calm and assured acceptance of oneself as a unique personality who has the right for one’s own point of view, freedom of choice and protection of one’s personal energy space.


It is really essential, my dear, not simply to know the Laws of the Universe but to follow them in your everyday life making their observance your automatic – subconscious reactions.

To achieve this, you should not only to keep in mind that all the events of your life reflect your inner state but also remember to prevent your unbalanced inner state from expressing outwards making a negative impact on the people around you.

And fifthly, LIVE IN JOY, treating everything as an exciting adventure, new experience you have never lived through and anyone you come across on your way as your dearest Teacher.

Everything I have enumerated is exactly the energy components of the Matrix of Ascension.

As you see, my dear, they are not supernatural or unachievable at all.

All this can be put into practice even finding oneself in the third dimension world.

And it is crucial that these energies lay the foundation of your children’s worldview and world perception – that they become near to their heart, dear and native.

Thanks to this they will be able to walk on the very “narrow path” between the worlds – the old world and the new one, that will lead them out to Ascension.

So, hold their hand, my dear, and prevent them from stumbling on the way.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 7, 2019.

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