LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Water Element on Fifth dimension Earth)

life-on-new-earth-water-element-on-fifth-dimension-earthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the climate of the Fifth dimension planet, and how man and five natural elements will coexist on it.

We will start with the idea that the fifth element – the Element of Love – will become the general background on the new Earth, and absolutely everything will be imbued with it: nature, people, animals, birds and, of course, the rest of the four elements: of Soil, Water, Air and Fire.

The relationships of man and Earth were spoken about in my recent message, and now we will dwell on your relationships with the Element of Water that people themselves are a part of.

Their new light crystalline body, same as that of the third dimension man, will mostly consist of water.

But this water will possess quite a different energy structure – perfect, Divine one.

Remember experiments with water: the way it reacts to different words and energies.

The most wonderful form was featured by its crystals when the energy of Love and Gratitude was sent to it.

And since this is exactly the energy that the space of the Fifth dimension Earth and her inhabitants will be imbued with, the human body’s crystals mostly made of water will have the form as perfect and harmonious.

Chiefly due to this you will not fall ill, as well as will be able to transform your bodies by power of thought.

It is the water component of your new bodies that will facilitate them to be beautiful and flexible.

In other words, it is the water composition of your new bodies changed in terms of energy that will become the main link between man and the Element of Water.

In the absence of negative energies that in the third dimension world polluted your bodies upsetting their water structure, which resulted in various disorders, your new bodies being in a complete harmony with the Element of Water will be unfamiliar with diseases or pain this time.

Thus, due to the Element of Love uniting you, you will get resonated with the Element of Water, too, that is so essential for human life.

The same will happen to rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.

Having become purified in terms of energy, they will change their crystalline structure and, consequently, will radiate the energy of Love and Gratitude.

Having acquired natural purity, they will also get their lost harmony, too.

Thanks to this storms and floods, tsunamis and hails that made suffer not only man but the Element of Water itself will become a thing of the past.

So, following the Laws of the Universe man’s balanced condition will result in harmonious condition of the Element of Water in all its manifestations.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 14, 2020.

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