unite-in-spirit-our-dear-onesGreetings, my dear earthlings!

Today I have come to you as commander in chief of space fleet to talk about the processes that are now in progress in near-earth space.

Perhaps, many of you have already realized that the fight between the Dark and the Light Forces on Earth has reached its supreme stage.

At present it is conspicuous at all the levels of existence this time.

The events that are taking place are to draw a final line under the third dimension world on your planet – eventually to “bury” it.

It is the only way for the new world to come to effect and for people to start transforming a new high vibration space not only in terms of energy this time but in practice as well abolishing old institutions of power and creating new centers for society coordination and government.

Right now there is being made an attempt to revive those who are potentially ready to awake.

That is exactly the reason why all the demands of the deep state’s marionettes have been driven to the point of absurdity who seem to be acting to the detriment of themselves now, but, as a matter of fact, it is part of the Creator’s plan for your beautiful planet’s population revival that finds herself in the grip of INhumans who have been at the helm of the planet for centuries.

Everything has become so apparent that it cannot be seen only by the blind.

And thanks to the mass revival of people our activity is reaching its final stage, too.

Believe me, my dear, we are supporting you not only at the subtle level now sending you salvational energies but at the physical level, too helping those who are implementing the final stage of their operation on deliverance of Earth from all the Dark forces’ representatives embodied as humans.

The number of them is huge indeed since all your society, all the countries of the world are run through by the corrupt net of the hidden government that almost all the heads of the countries have got into, as well as their governments and officials at all the levels of power.

You see the impudent and unpunished way that all the disliked heads of the states that refused to get under their control are physically got rid of, and, unfortunately, we do not always manage to protect them from danger.

But what we manage to do is to control the air space of Earth that is closely encircled by our spaceships.

The last stronghold of the Dark forces on Earth were their underground bases in Antarctica that are now completely seized and purified from all the participants of the projects that they have worked on for many decades.

So now our attention is mostly focused on providing support to the Light Forces Alliance from the subtle level tracking all the movements in space so as to prevent any slightest failure in their programme of Disclosure that is to come to effect in the near time.

These brave and courageous people need such “escort” because not only they put their lives at risk but also are objects to unceasing energy attacks for the side of the Dark forces’ vestiges that still remain on your planet and who until their last breath do their best to fulfill the orders of their “high patrons”.

I will not deal with the twist and turns of our work since the aim of my message is to support you and assure that at the subtle level everything is under control now.

And now you have to do your part of work – to show Free Will and make the final decision in favour Transition with Earth to a new era of the Fifth dimension.

Unite in Spirit, our dear ones!

Show determination and firmness while asserting your interests and rights to dispose of your life and health!

Then we will win a quick and decisive victory delivering humanity out of thousand-year slavery.

Sincerely loving you,

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 15, 2021.

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