extras-let-downGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the way you should behave during this hard period of overall quarantine on Earth.

Since unlike those who gave way to fear and is readily listening to everything announced through mass media you understand that this “show” with the big name of “Pandemic” is performed according to a strictly determined scenario.

But “script writers” and “stage directors” did not take into account one thing: “extras” have turned out to be too heterogeneous, and as a result, one of the main “plot lines” has deviated and the expected “tragedy” has suddenly become a real farce for many people.

Why did that happen?

Before all, it is due to the fact that collective human conscience has eventually started “getting up off its knees” and getting rid of slavery psychology that has been cultivated in humans for centuries.

To a large extent it is your merit, my dear, those who have been working for years at the subtle level of Earth.

Your efforts have not been in vain and now they are showing themselves as revived conscience of many and many people even those having nothing to do with Ascension.

Some people’s intuition helps them out, others are supported by the higher aspects of their Soul that gives them signs and clues in the form of valid irrefutably corroborated facts on the things that are actually happening on the planet.

Fortunately, in the era of the Internet one can find anything one needs.

And depending on vibrations it is the information a person  needs right now that will be attracted to them.

Yet, my dear, please, listen to yourself above all.

Try to separate the wheat from the chaff yourself being independent of other people’s influence.

Listen only to your Soul.

And the most important thing is to treat everything around in a completely calm manner and watch the plot unfolding staying IMPERTURBABLE.

As it has already been mentioned a lot in my messages, excessive emotions whatever positive they may be bring discord into the energy space of yours in particular, as well as into that of Earth’s in general.

It is also essential to use practices on harmonization with the energy of time so that everything goes easy, smoothly and uninterruptedly – in consistency with the Divine expediency.

By this you will facilitate Earth’s and collective human conscience living through the period of Transition into another dimension with no emotional overload that can automatically reduce the overall vibration level.

Whatever is happening around, stay calm and believe that the point of no return has already been passed, and Earth will never be the way it used to be.

As for humanity, natural selection is in progress at all the levels of existence.

And the process will be gaining in scale.

Each of you has to make your choice.

Do not stumble, my beloved ones!

Go all the way your Soul has chosen!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 23, 2020.

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