WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Answerable to children)

window-on-new-world-answerable-to-childrenGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to touch upon the issue of adults being responsible for children and not only their own ones.

It is children who become undeliberate and innocent victims of globalists as far as vaccination is concerned, for little ones cannot protect themselves from the pernicious preparations that are injected into their bodies by force.

The things that the so-called “vaccines” of the latest generation contain have already been talked about by us more than once: now they not in a figurative but direct meaning are aimed at depriving humans of the innate immunity and triggering the process of their body’s destruction.

Why has vaccination of children become compulsory and occurring everywhere in recent years?

The main reason is that globalists are well aware of the fact that at present – at the threshold of the Ascension of Earth – really a lot of unusual souls from a high level come here, those who you are used to calling crystal children.

Just at birth they possess such a high level of vibrations that by their presence only can influence the people around and planet in general purifying them from the negative energies of the third dimension world.

And so as to secure themselves against the energies in which they cannot exist, the Dragon reptiles and their marionettes have dared commit such a sophisticated crime as injecting to every new born dozens of the so-called “vaccines” that not only reduce their vibrations but also deprive them of their innate Divine abilities poisoning their body and affecting their psyche.

It mostly explains autism: this is the way these mature and pure souls retire from the world alien to them in an attempt to stay in their “shell”.

This is their response to THE WAY they are welcomed to Earth where they were striving so much to get to help humanity in Transition.

Few parents have managed to safeguard their new born child opposing the merciless system of the third dimension world that by threatening and blackmail deprives people of their natural right for existence – for keeping their energy space and Divine vessel pure – the physical body that they have chosen for their incarnation.

Perhaps, many of you noticed how different such “pure” children are from those who received numerous “vaccines” whose number is increasing every single year.

Well, it is children who became the very touchstone of globalists and having checked the readiness of parent to be run by the system and give their children to “slaughter” they soon get down to adults, too.

Unfortunately, few are those who understand this therefore the general “vaccination” of Earth’s population ran in quite a smooth way, which has already been said about in a lot of my messages.

But now when there are hundreds and even thousands of evidence of baneful consequences of ALL KINDS OF VACCINES to humans, it is time to stop the most horrible crime in human history – mass genocide of Earth’s population by means of injecting these fateful preparations into the human body.

And children are the first to be protected from this, those who cannot do it themselves.

Therefore, please, my dear, share the information about the ingredients of “vaccines” and their aftereffects, do what you can to support those who have already started fighting the system in this direction.

Now it is as important as ever.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 16, 2023.

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