new-stage-of-the-shiftGreetings, my dear beloved children!

I’d like to make a small diversion from our theme and tell you what’s happening with your planet now.

Today is the end of the series of eclipses, which have occurred with an equal time space between them.

And the fact that the lunar eclipse has happened in between the two solar eclipses is not a coincidence.

In that way, some kind of “leveling” of the heavenly bodies, which are directly connected with Earth, was necessary to allow them to align their new vibrations and to coexist naturally in the new energy space.

Such mighty “alignment” could not happen painlessly for the Earth and humanity.

That’s why a great number of natural disasters all around the world have happened in the last month.

In other words, a huge energy jump has happened in the last month, which has helped to raise the consciousness of thousands and thousands of people to the new level of spiritual development.

Unfortunately, it has happened through the death and suffering of the people, whose pure souls have helped others to pull up to the level of the new vibrations of Earth at the expense of their own lives, to give them a chance to make a Shift.

It depends on you how the events will develop later.

As you already know, the Shift of the Earth is already irreversible. She will be where she is destined to be in any case, because it is her only chance to preserve for herself those, who are ready to follow her into the new life.

As far as people are concerned, so far only a tiny part of humanity knows about the Ascension.

But even those, who know about it, are only partially ready for that, because they assume that just the knowledge about the Shift guarantees them a successful Shift.

Unfortunately, it is not so.

Many people, who have been at the source of this knowledge and even have been its transmitters, have fallen so low, that now they are not only thrown back to the very beginning of their spiritual path, but now are at the power of an astral beings of all kinds.

Why has it happened?

First of all, because they have started to consider themselves as chosen, initiated, unusually spiritual, and by doing that they have transferred the concepts of duality to an esoteric knowledge.

Some of them have transformed this knowledge into the object of buying and selling, others – into a way of an enslaving the consciousness of the people, who are accustomed to follow the teachers, gurus, and famous personalities.

But some of you have become real “junkies” of the Ascension, searching and consuming without consideration more and more new information about the Shift of the Earth, which is delivered in great amounts by all kinds of astral beings.

But now, dear ones, the crucial stage of the Shift is approaching.

And I ask you, “Stop, come to your senses, and try to remember why you have come to Earth, pacify your passions, submerge into the silence of your Heart and into the deepness of your Soul!”

Realize the greatness of this moment and help your Mother Earth to take with her into the new life as many of her beloved children as possible!

And I bless you for being one of them!

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you

Channelled by Marta on August 11, 2018

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