ASCENSION IN ACTION (New step on your path to ascension)

ascension-in-action-new-step-on-your-path-to-ascensionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we are approaching a very important topic, which from now on will become a beacon on your path to Ascension.

We will discuss your new attitude towards life, based upon the different – Universal laws, and will learn not to retreat from them, while being in the 3D world, because for those who have chosen Ascension there is no way back already.

We’ll start from something quite simple, something that you know very well already, and what has become your habitual state, your second nature.

Those, who read the messages on this site for a long time, are accustomed to the idea that you create your own reality with the power of your thoughts, intentions, and desires.

You have been given many such practices and have learned how to use them.

You have realized that the Laws of the Universe work unfailingly, and you always have to remember them, that you could stay in harmonious state yourself and create an atmosphere of Love and understanding around you.

But I see that the most difficult thing for you is to ALWAYS stay in such a state, due to the numerous life problems and unexpected events that take you out of your balance, which means from the Divine state.

Although I have told you more than once in my previous messages, that such events are precisely what strengthens your Spirit, they are the tests of your endurance. But in practice, your reaction is often below your abilities.

And you continue to think and act based on your inertia, choosing familiar roads from one incarnation to another, and from one year to another.

And now we’ll advise you how to eliminate that inertia, how to come onto an even road, where you will not “stumble” upon your 3D habits anymore.

First, what you have to do in case of unpleasant circumstances, including even the most tragic ones from the point of view of a regular person – is to ask yourself or your Spiritual guides why it has happened.

You need to reveal the deep reason of what has happened to you and to see you role in that event.

But you’ll be able to do that only, when you completely turn off your mind with its logical constructs and ideas, and also your human Ego, that naturally suffers from the troubles you experience.

You have to see an entire picture as a whole – a complete Divine scenario, that is written for each participant of the event in such a way, that will allow him to get a maximum amount of lessons, to gain his predestined experience, and to allow his loved ones to learn their own lessons and gain their experiences.

Do not be afraid to appear as cold and indifferent to other people.

You may even show outwardly your habitual emotions, but INWARDLY you must stay completely calm and balanced, in order not to lose the vibrational wave that carries you into the new reality, where there is no pain or suffering, but only a wise and deep acceptance of any event as Divine, meaning an appropriate one.

Try, dear ones, to observe what’s happening with you every day precisely from such point of view.

And may it be your next step on the spiritual ladder, leading to Ascension, from which you won’t descend, but will ascend higher and higher towards the new reality, into the new beautiful life!

I bless you for that!

Father-Absolute who loves you without measure has spoken to you

Channelled by Marta on April 29, 2018

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