WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Those ready for Transition)

window-on-new-world-those-ready-for-transitionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we start a new topic that is closely connected with the previous one.

And at issue there will be how you can learn to live in two dimensions – the third and fourth one.

Now, for many people “undocking” from the third dimension world will be occurring much faster than it used to be.

It is connected with the fact that people get their eyes open to what is actually in progress: too undisguised the lie and cynicism of the authorities and media become.

And here two groups of people can be distinguished.

The first group includes people who are concerned about their own welfare and who, despite the new understanding of reality, by their conscience still remain within the bounds of the third dimension world since they are only worried about material losses connected with an increasing chaos on the planet.

As a rule, this category of people just encourages the chaos with their negative emotions.

Their discontent with the authorities is based on fear, indignation, aggression…

Well, it is mostly the purpose that the political, economic and social crisis on Earth was created for: to provoke the population’s most powerful negative energies outburst.

Such people do not know about the global events taking place on Earth: change of epochs, dimensions, human conscience.

Everything for them rests against the practical plane of their own interests.

And if all of a sudden the things resume their normal course, they will get immediately content and they will not feel like changing anything either in their life, or, let alone, in that of the planet.

But there is the other group of people.

It is the people who by their conscience can embrace the whole picture of the things in progress on Earth – at all its levels: energy, political, economic, financial and religious.

These people know about the change of epochs and Earth’s transition to a new dimension.

Therefore, everything that takes place on the planet is viewed by them in the light of the upcoming changes.

They understand the inevitability of the Dark getting thicker before the Dawn so they do not panic but calmly watch the old world going to pieces and the new world’s offsprings gradually starting to appear on its ruins.

Some people already actively participate in the arrangement of this new world, while some others just get ready for it morally focusing on the “failed tests”: getting rid of their unharmonious qualities and outdated programmes in their conscience and subconscience.

Some have got ultimately fixed in the energy space of the fourth dimension, while some others are at the very threshold of it.

And my further narration will apply to this very category of people: those potentially ready for Transition and those who have almost performed it.

Here we will stop for today.

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 27, 2022.

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