WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Principle of conglomeration)

window-on-new-world-principle-of-conglomerationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message I would like to offer you a practice that will help you bring to harmony the energy profile of your team at work or a group of like-minded people.

You can also use it in your family, too since this practice is universal and is designed to level vibrations of people who for these or those reasons have to be in one energy space for a long time.

It is based on the principle of conglomeration.

And in this case it is to combine human energies of various vibrations so that in their totality they will create an energy “canvas” favourable for everybody, with individual peculiarities of each – mental, emotional and professional ones – being preserved.

At the subtle level it will look like a colourful palette, with the spots of each person’s most manifested colour being bright.

And this colour is determined by the most activated chakra of a person.

Of course, half-tints of other chakras will be present there, too but show less vividly.

Anyway, it will be a very beautiful picture that you will be able to give this or that design.

The same way as water molecules get arranged in a specific way depending on this or that energy that influences them, so the total energy of a group of people can take these or those “outlines” in accordance with the vibration level of each member of the group.

And this is what the practice itself is about.

It is of great importance to do it being in harmonious condition, for a start, having purified your own energy space from negative energies and programmes as much as possible.

Then, having invoked all your Heavenly assistants in thoughts put yourselves in the centre of the sphere with the people whose energies you will have to interact with being inside of it.

The best thing is to have your sphere of the Flame of Universe Love with mirror-like external surface so that not a single dark being could interfere with your work.

Invoke the Energy of Supreme Creator – the most versatile of all so as to prevent “overdosing” in case of people with quite low vibrations.

After you have felt quite a powerful flow of this energy in your crown chakra, ask it to work thoroughly with the aura of each person  in order to neutralize the negative energies and third dimension world programmes it contains and, on the contrary, set free all the best individual features of the person as much as possible.

Do not try to see anything “special” yourselves – if the Forces of Light find it appropriate, they will show you what occurs at the subtle level by all means.

Your clear and sincere intention to bring to harmony the general vibration profile of the group will be quite enough to trigger the process of energy leveling.

Remain in the meditation until the flow of the Energy of Supreme Creator ceases.

But do not expect immediate results of the practice.

As you already know, energy work does not stand haste especially when at issue is not one person but a whole group of people.

Depending on their energy potential every person can take in the “helping” of the energy that will do them no harm.

The same concerns “digestion” of it: everyone will experience it at their own speed.

While you, for your part, if you feel it is necessary, can repeat this practice from time to time so as to maintain the favourable energy background of your group.

Anyway, it can do no harm to anyone since everyone will get the “dose” of the energy that they need at this precise moment.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 21, 2023.

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