window-on-new-world-towards-sunGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, today I will offer you one more practice that will help your body get adjusted to the new energies that are arriving at Earth now.

And we will call it “Towards the sun”.

It is based on visualization that often influences your physical body as efficiently as energy work.

For a start, remember the way plants and especially flowers behave in spring when they are warmed up by the sun and start opening towards it.

They eagerly absorb the salvation warmth that is pouring from Heavens and that is sent with the gentle sun beams granting them with vitality and beauty.

And now try to imagine each cell of your body as a flower – the one you like most of all and that evokes tenderness in your Soul.

In the beginning they will be closed buds that are hiding their beauty away from the “nasty weather” of the third dimension world.

The sun has not come from behind the clouds and they are shrunk with cold…

But all of a sudden, the wind starts blowing, the clouds are going away, the sun is coming out and everything around is acquiring bright colours.

Before your eyes the “flowers” have raised their heads moving them up to the gentle sun beams.

Then little by little the “buds” start swelling getting larger and larger until completely open displaying their charm to the whole world and trustfully turning their “flesh” to the sweet sun.

Get this wonderful view fixed in your conscience so as to transfer this energy and physical process of opening to each cell of your body.

In this case the sun symbolizes the high vibration energies of the Fifth dimension.

They are generously flowing down Earth from Heavens sweeping away everything dirty, dark and third dimensional that has accumulated in your physical casing and filling each cell of your body with its Divine light…

They are opening towards these “beams” trustfully taking in the blessing vivifying energies increasing in volume and thankfully letting through themselves high vibration energies that trigger the process of your body’s transformation into the light crystalline one.

In this practice you can use the energies that your intuition will prompt you: from the energy of Love and Light to the Energy of Ascension.

Feel which of them corresponds to your physical body best of all and brings you most pleasure.

Do not be afraid to experiment, my dear!

Be creative!

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 10, 2023.

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