REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Religion’s influence on human self-esteem)

reptiloids-and-clones-religions-influence-on-human-self-esteemGreetings, my dear beloved children!

And in conclusion, we will speak about the way religion influences human conscience.

Despite the fact that energy egregors of all main religions of the world have recently weakened to a considerable extent most people are still in the grip of religious dogmas still celebrating religious holidays and following the rituals connected with them.

Reptiloids are well aware of what powerful a tool religion is in controlling human conscience so they maintain, might and main, egregors of all religious confessions having this way conscience of millions of people in the hollow of their hands.

All through the ages there existed a firm belief that religiosity is an essential part of decency and following all religious rituals is a guarantee of spiritual purity.

As a matter of fact, this is how humans’ conscience was enslaved IN TERMS OF ENERGY and how they were depersonalized with slavish psychology being raised.

Due to clear-cut religious rituals people are made to choose the style of behaviour based on obedience and submissiveness – just the things that answer the purpose of shadow world government.

High caste reptiloids, unlike people, realize quite well how powerful energy is so they try to direct it the way they need and religions are their first mate in this respect.

In the scope of centuries they succeeded to create a clear system of principles, customs and traditions that influence human self-esteem enormously.

Thus, the one zealously respecting all religious rules considers themselves to be an ideal of a citizen and is regarded the same by others so it means that their self-esteem is rather high.

While another one who for some reasons doesn’t do so feels guilty and somewhat inferior which results in a dramatic decrease in their self-esteem.

In truth, both religionism and feeling guilty for not following religious principles have nothing to do with God as it is since long ago that human beings don’t need any intermediary between themselves and God whose particle lives in anyone’s Soul, consequently, anyone is a human God.

The paradox is that it is the true knowledge about humans that is hidden from them by all the world religions concealing their Divine essence, depersonalizing them this way and decreasing their self-esteem.

One aware of one’s Divine origin becomes free from any religious dogmas and develops one’s self-esteem on the basis of quite different criteria and, consequently, quite different energies.

Instead of slave-like obedience to God and ministers of church – the so-called “representatives” of God on Earth, they feel Love and Gratitude towards Creator for having His particle in them.

Their self-esteem is based on the feeling of responsibility to themselves and others for their actions and level of conscience correspondence to those of a human God’s born on Earth in a physical body and for being capable to carry out the great mission they arrived on the planet for during the hard times of the Transmission of Earth and humanity into another dimension.

And all the Higher Powers of the Universe help them with this filling their bodies and conscience with the highest vibration frequency energies whereas people who remain within strictly determined religious patterns go on living in the energies typical of their faith’s egregors that prevent them from breaking free from duality which lays the foundation of any religion.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on March 19, 2019

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