The Second Coming of Christ (The First Coming)

The Second Coming of Christ (The beginning)

Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will continue our story about the history of humanity and will talk about how and why  the technogenic civilization of Draconians, that doesn’t have a divine origin, was able to subjugate the God-Men living on Earth and make them live by their rules and laws.

In order for you to understand better how their mechanism of enslaving people, launched by them, worked, imagine the Soul of man as a bird and the reptiloids as bird catchers.

They knew there were many kinds of “birds,” with their own unique tastes, habits, and traits. And they had special approach to each kind, having developed an accurate scheme of enslavement that included all kinds of bribery, flattery, blackmail and intimidation…

But their most important and loved weapon was their program of “depersonalizing people.” They dreamed of creating beings like themselves – obedient and soulless slaves, who would carry out their orders in complete obedience.

And they ALMOST succeeded, by planting stereotypes of thinking and behavior artificially created by them in human society, by creating laws that would hold people in fear and obedience, by imposing a false system of values upon people, by diverting them from their spiritual paths, making them worship money and power.

But in spite of all their efforts and systematic work, they COULD NOT SUCCEED in killing the Divine spark in the Soul of man; and it infuriated them.

That was the reason, dear ones, for persecution, torture, and torment of all Great Souls, who were trying to break free from cages and snares put by the reptiloids, and who tried to lead others and help them remember their Divine origin and feel their own greatness and power.

These people performed miracles by the power of their Spirit, and the memory of them lived and still lives in people throughout the history of mankind.

And, of course, the deepest mark in your history was left by our beloved Yeshua, who is better known to you under the name of Jesus Christ.

So who was he really? Why did his name become so dear for many of you? Why do you associate him with God?

And today we want to begin a story about him and his life without any distortions and lies, which grew around his name over the past millennia.

We want you to, at last, learn the truth, which will not only not minimize his achievements, but on the contrary will raise him to an even greater height; and at the same time will not put him on a pedestal but bring him closer to you.

You will understand that he was one of you – a man who incarnated on Earth at a difficult time with a unique mission of Serving people, that he fulfilled with great honor.

From the very beginning, he was put in difficult circumstances, since he was born into a very poor family.

His parents, Maria and Joseph, came from far away to the land of Judaea and were strangers there.

Assyrians by birth, they were discriminated by the Jews and could not even get married legally, because of their different faith.

Yeshua, their only son, who was loved dearly, was born out of wedlock which

was a great shame at the time.

Because of that, Marie and Joseph had to lead a nomadic life, hiding under different names and earning a living by heavy physical work. Joseph worked as a shoemaker and Maria was a laundress.

But despite the hardships of life, love and harmony reigned in their family, and their son was growing up as a handsome, kind, intelligent and curious boy, which made them happy.

When Yeshua was fourteen years old, his parents sent him to the Essenes sect for mentoring. By that time, Maria and Joseph had become very close to the Essenes and trusted them with their beloved son.

It was there, on the shores of the Dead Sea, that Yeshua received his first spiritual knowledge that helped him later fulfill his mission for which he came to Earth for.

We will continue this story in our next channeling.

Your Father – Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you beyond measure, spoke with you.

Channeled by Marta on September 29, 2017

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