The Second Coming of Christ (Resolution)

the-second-coming-of-christ-resolutionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Thus, the most dramatic episode in Yeshua’s life was approaching.

As soon as he had come out of the residence of the Pontius Pilate, Yeshua realized that he would be a person who will sign his death sentence, and then would repent it for the rest of his life.

He “saw” clearly that Pontius Pilate was one of the heroes of that Divine “play,” which had been forethought by the Creator, for the awakening of the people and facilitation of their return to the Light.

Yeshua “knew” that this man did not wish his death, but his destiny was irreversible and he was destined to play “the villain,” which was the meaning of his mission.

Yeshua felt a sincere compassion towards Pilate and wished to lighten up his burden.

He asked Father to help that the final decision would not be coming from Pilate, so his Soul would not suffer for what he had done, and would find at least some comfort and justification for what was going to happen.

After the visit to Pilate, the events started to develop rapidly. It seemed, the Creator himself decided to make a resolution for everything that had been done by Yeshua for all these years.

By that time, his numerous disciples had spiritually matured and could spread the Teaching by themselves.

The only thing they were lacking was Yeshua’s ability to move into the space of higher vibrations, that would allow them to perform miraculous healing.

And he sensed that some of his followers had started to feel jealous towards his abilities.

It was especially apparent in the young, handsome, and conceited young man named Judas.

He was a very gifted disciple and had an obvious gift of oratory. He loved an attention of the public, which flattered his vanity and intensified his desire for leadership.

Yeshua saw how much Judah’s was suffering that he could not go further and demonstrate miracles like his Teacher.

In the same day when Yeshua had visited Pontius Pilate and realized his role in his own life; he suddenly realized that his disciple Judas was a missing link in the act of that “play,” in which he was meant to act.

The Teaching that he was preaching could not pacify the pride and vanity of Judas. Yeshua felt that he wanted to take a place of his Teacher, to become the only undisputed authority for their followers.

And just as it had happened with Pontius Pilate, he foresaw what would happen with Judas.

But in that case too, he was feeling nothing but compassion for this Soul, who could withstand the test by fame and descended into the lower energies of duality that surrounded him.

He already knew that he won’t be able change the course of events. The play, conceived by the Father, was coming to its tragic resolution.

That is why, he decided to gather his favorite disciples – his faithful followers – for the festive supper to prepare them for the future life, where they would have to live and work without him.

He wanted to strengthen their spirits, to fill them with confidence that all the Higher Powers will be with them, and that he himself will always help them everywhere, even if he won’t be physically present.

But first, he went to his Mary, to prepare her for the upcoming resolution and to spend with her the last happy days on this beautiful Earth, torn by human passions.

He knew that he had done everything he could do, and now his death could become that Divine “period at the end,” which in reality would start the new dispensation for his Teaching, which would continue for centuries…

But we will stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 1, 2017

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