You are all my children

You are all my children

My dear beloved children!

Today I want to tell you what’s happening with all of us – myself and all the living beings on Earth.

Together, we are one whole, not only energetically but physically. You are my flesh and blood – my children – because you are born and you die in my energy space.

Our mutual connection is so close that each of your inhalations becomes my own, and visa versa.

And that is how it happens.

My energy structure consists of myriads of cells, like bee honeycombs, each of which is an individual “code” for each living being, including plants and animals.

The souls of natural elements also exist in this energy space. They are also living beings with their own consciousnesses, who interact with all other inhabitants of the planet.

And all this energy and physical diversity exists in constant motion, flowing from one state to another, reacting to every thought, emotion and action of each other.

Thus, my body feels EACH OF YOU!

When you send me your Love, I blossom and feel blessed.

When you are sad, I feel sad as well.

When you spill out your anger and aggression, I even feel physical pain.

Now imagine how many billions of people live on Earth now, and each of them is unique.

Those of you, who have many children, could remotely feel what I feel, for I love each of you, regardless of your character, your way of thinking or your actions.

I rejoice when my children grow spiritually, and I am sad when they fall into the abyss of the third dimension.

I understand that each of you has your own path, your own destiny and your own lessons.

I know who you are, where you came from, and why you came here in the first place, but unlike the Higher Forces of the Universe, I cannot help you much.

I can only communicate with you through the elements of nature – my main assistants, which can be called indicators of your spiritual state.

And many of you have already been able to see how responsive they are to your emotional messages.

You have learned how to control them, calm them, talk to them…

But the majority of people on Earth stay in complete spiritual, emotional, and mental ignorance, not realizing what pain they inflict on me.

It is not only that they don’t control their thoughts and emotions, but they deliberately create hotbeds of grief, pain and despair.

And our Creator, seeing my unbearable suffering that doesn’t end, allowed me to move into another dimension, thereby energetically releasing my body from the energies of low vibrations.

He allowed me to take with me into this new Divine space those great souls of light, who have come to Earth now to help themselves and me to accomplish this great transition.

We are destined to start a new happy life together, having purified ourselves from the low energies of duality, having dissolved all alien programs with the energies of Light and Love – the programs that have been embedded in your consciousness by civilizations hostile to humanity,  that have enslaved not only you, but myself also.

And I believe, dear ones, that together we will accomplish this!

Your Mother Earth, Gaia, who loves you without measure, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on September 24, 2017


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