The Second Coming of Christ (The Separation)

the-second-coming-of-christ-the-separationGreetings, my dear beloved children!


It is difficult to convey in words the complex feelings that Mary experienced,

 when her beloved husband was telling her what they would have to go through.


Amongst others it was a joy for Yeshua who at last found what he had been searching for, for so long, which dispelled all his doubts and brought him to the path that would enable him to complete the work of his life, for which he was born, honorably.


It was also a sadness that the happiest period of their life, when they could quietly enjoy being together with their little ones and with each other, when they could live like ordinary people, was coming to an end.


But the greatest test for her was when Yeshua told her that the Priests had advised to leave the children in India, so as not to risk their lives.


It was the greatest sacrifice they had to make for the sake of their Service.


They spent a few more months in this blessed land where they were so happy and at peace.


They kept postponing their departure, unable to separate with their beloved children.


And then one day Yeshua heard the voice of God:


“My beloved son! You will be able to see your children by coming out of your body and moving through space. You have already mastered that.


You will be able to not only see your children, but also speak to them. Tell them about it and then the separation will not be so painful for you.


They will be happy here. I promise you.


Your son will be trained by the Great Initiates in one of the Tibetan monasteries and will continue your work in the land of India.


Your daughter will grow up to be a wonderful and kind young woman and will be a joy to Mary and your beloved mother.


Don’t worry about them, my dear! Your children will understand all the greatness of what you are going to do; and they will never reproach you for having to leave them.


They will be proud of you and will love you without measure!”


Yeshua and Mary explained to the little ones in the best way they could why mom and dad must leave them, and assured them that they will always be close to them, will think about them and talk with them…


And then came the day of their departure – probably the saddest day in their life. They tried their very best to smile and joke for they wanted their children to remember them that way.


And only when they were out of their sight, Yeshua and Mary allowed themselves to cry. Yeshua understood very well that he, unlike Mary, would never see his beloved children again, and would never take them into his arms.


But he believed the Father that he would be able to help them and guide them in a completely different capacity – not as an earthly father, but as a God-man.


This time they were traveling slowly, stopping in the places they loved. And they stayed especially long on the shore of the ocean where they once had wonderful days during their first trip to India.


They wanted to be together, just the two of them, enjoy the Divine nature, and recharge their energy levels before the most difficult and important period of their lives, when they no longer belonged to themselves.


Mary never reproached her beloved Yeshua once and was ready to share with him any fate, even the most terrible one, because they were one Soul, two Divine halves – the unification of the male and female principles.


Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke to you.


Channeled by Marta on October 23, 2017

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