significant-datesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to digress from the topic of new society creation and to talk to you about what you call “significant dates”.

It is applied to any holidays, your birthdays and unusual days in terms of natural phenomena, such as solar and lunar eclipses, parade of planets, some days unique in energy strength from astrologers’ point of view…

So, what is the impact they make on humans and how should you behave on such days?

For a start, it is important to understand where that taste of yours for “significant” dates comes from.

Unfortunately, my dear ones, it is also a certain programme that has been instilled into human subconscience for centuries by the “masters” of the planet since they know how powerful the energy streams generated by huge amount of people are.

This is exactly the aim for parades, manifestations, religious holidays and various processions dedicated to this or that event to be held at all times.

Vigourous energy streams emitted by the crowd due to their being of different vibration level cannot convey any high vibration energies and, consequently, are excellent “food” for reptiloids in all their diversity.

Moreover, the energy of the crowd contributes to the numerous low vibration egregors that reptiloids themselves are connected to, as well as their “assistants” – astral beings.

Thus, using fine words about national pride, memory of the fallen, love to God as a cover reptiloids provoke in humans powerful outbursts of the necessary energy.

And nowadays even in the esoteric world they apply the same true-and-tried methods, for example, inciting people on certain days at some certain time to do mass meditations.

Yet, are there actually any “certain days”?

In truth, any day for one is unusual since it gives one unique opportunity to gain new experience, feel taste of life, show power of Spirit and check the durability of one’s spiritual knowledge…

But this work is always individual – inner work not for show.

This is what makes it valuable.

But if you feel specific energy of this or that day yourself, do not ignore these feelings and show creativity by doing on this day especially important meditations on purifying yourself, Earth and collective conscience having made your own energy merged with that flowing from Heaven.

And if your intuition does not let you down you are likely to feel the unusual power of your meditation – its singularity.

You can ask your higher aspects to help you identify such days but never give way to herd feeling and callings from without since most often they are aimed at bleeding human energy for purposes far from being noble.

Leave the third dimension matrix, my dear, get rid of stereotypes, listen to yourself and your Soul not wasting your valuable Divine energy!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 3, 2020.

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