Ascension in Action (Self-healing. Continuation)

ascension-in-action-self-healing-continuationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we’ll continue our discussion about self-healing.

Of course, this process is not quick, especially when we address chronic diseases.

You must always remember that energy practices first affect your subtle bodies, dissolving the accumulated “blocks” of negative emotions and firm believes; and only when your subtle bodies will be completely purified, the results of your work will appear on physical plane.

You need to be patient, dear ones, and regularly and methodically conduct meditations for healing of your diseases.

Because your goal is not an artificial release of the symptoms of your disease and suffering, as it happens when you take your medications, but a complete healing.

It is possible only when you completely get rid of the cause of your disease.

And today I will give you one more practice, which you can use simultaneously with the one I have given you yesterday.

And that’s what it is.

After you get into a meditative state and summon all your Divine helpers, imagine the Universal Ocean of Love – an infinite depository of the Divine energies of the highest vibrations.

Feel it’s power and might.

And then imagine that the tubes, connected to your sick organs, lead to the Ocean.

Feel how the magic healing energy of Love flows through these tubes.

It spreads inside your body, enveloping sick organ, filling it with the healing life energy.

Feel how your body reacts to it, how it rejoices and responds with gratitude.

It could be expressed as pulsations, vibrations and as warmth spreading throughout the body.

And after immersing into this flow of Love, you can work simultaneously with the cause of your disease, dissolving it with the energy of Creator and pronouncing a new belief. This new belief will create a new program in your consciousness and will bring a complete liberation from fears, resentments, aggression, guilt – all these causes which created your disease.

Dear ones, you will sense yourselves in which order it’s best to conduct the practices of self-healing, but two principles must be at the basis of your decisions.


It is impossible to heal, without eliminating the cause which has created disease.

And second

No one can do it for you, because only you can control your emotional state and observe that negative states, firmly established in your consciousness, are completely transformed into the positive ones.

You have to get accustomed, dear ones, to the notion that the energy “hygiene” – the purification of your subtle bodies – is a guarantee of the health of your physical body.

It cannot exist separately from the other bodies, because they are all interconnected and each of them is a continuation of another.

I bless you, dear ones, for this painstaking, but such an interesting and creative work, which will bring you health, happiness and joy!

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on April 4, 2018

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